30 Day Yoga & Detox Diet Transformation System

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This is not your typical yoga program.

Are you ready for a major breakthrough in your life?

It takes 21-30 days to rewire your neural synapse in your brain to create a new habit. This system is designed to help you create positive health habits that will dramatically improve the quality of your life on all levels. Whatever you may be dealing with can be healed, transformed and you can break through to the next level. Begin by following this comprehensive system.

This powerful 30 day system is designed to maximize your results in just 1 hour per day utilizing proven effective techniques that are not available from any other source. During this in depth training, you will learn how to create miracles, healing and happiness in your own life.

This power packed program, with 34 hours of training, provides access to the world class experiences that people pay $7,000+ per month for to train with Dashama live, for a small fraction of the price and you have access to all of this material for an entire year. This course can be used for CEUs for yoga teachers & health professionals, as a system of transformation for your own life or both. 

Due to popular demand, this program is available on digital version (here on Udemy) and if you wish to purchase the system on DVDs, you can order that separately.

This comprehensive system includes tools and techniques Dashama has compiled over the past 12 years traveling the world, teaching and training with the top healers, teachers and masters in the fields of Yoga, Qi gong, self healing, inner child healing, transformational breathe work, personal development, functional core fitness, high performance training, longevity, meditation, detox diet, cleansing and transformation.

What does it take? Dedicated time each day, disciplined action and commitment, faith and belief that everything is possible and a positive attitude.

Want to know more about the 30DYC program?

This unique and powerful system was originally released in 2011 and since then has impacted thousands of lives from around the world. Now available exclusively through Udemy, Dashama will guide you to get in the best shape of your life at your pace and in the privacy of your own home. No stone is left unturned, from a yoga & fitness plan, to a customized diet, to practices for inner well being, meditation, nutrition, detox diet recipes, cleansing program, 30DYC is the complete packaged plan for total self renewal and transformation.

Isn't it your turn to look and feel your best?


"I lost 35 pounds (and went down 5 belt notches!) in just 16 days, following the simple and surprisingly delicious healthy diet plan. The yoga classes were hard for me at first, but I was amazed by the progress I made. I set a goal to achieve full wheel pose by the end of the program, which I was not too sure Id accomplish Not only did I accomplish my goals I set, I exceeded them!Now I can walk by a mirror with pride in my body for the first time in many years. I made a ton of new friends and discovered a new passion for yoga. Thank you so much Dashama!"

~Chris, Alabama, USA

"Upon starting the 30 day challenge I thought of Yoga as an easy way to strengthen the core without high impact cardio. Incredible how wrong I was. Although it is these things I came to realize very quickly it is SO MUCH MORE! In the first month of the program I learned so much about where my body was at, where I wanted it to be, what it could and could not do, what it should be able to do, as well as why I was not feeling well. The pounds shed off of me, every day was an amazing renewal of body, mind, and spirit. I woke up feeling refreshed and excited. My body was sore one week and limber the next! Asanas that I could not conquer one day were becoming more and more a part of my every day actions. My hair began to grow out long and lush. My skin began to clear up and glow. My muscles began to tone and even my self confidence and mental well being heightened! I then began to practice mediation and yoga every day. I learned about breathing, how it starts and ends each and every day, and where it can take and keep you!

~Shannon, USA

This program has helped me to refocus and, though I wasnt able to complete all 30 days, it made me very mindful of what was going on or why I wasnt doing the yoga on the days that I missed. And I felt very off when I didnt practice. The feelings that I get when I was taking the time to do yoga are addicting and I just want to keep doing the videos and keep improving!

Im telling everybody that will listen about what a difference it has made and send them to your website!

~Jessica M. USA

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Dashama Konah

Structura cursului

SECTION 1: Introduction and Course-Wide Materials
Lecture 1: Intro to this Course and Hello From Dashama (05:42)
Lecture 2:
READ THIS FIRST: Quick Start Success Guide
Lecture 3: Intro To Yoga Ebook (28 pages)
Lecture 4: Daily Health Journal - Digital Download (print or use as daily journal guide) (76 pages)
Lecture 5: Journey to Joyful :) Transform Your Life with Pranashama Yoga (178 pages)
Lecture 6: 3 Stage Energy & Detox Diet Program (59 pages)
Lecture 7: Green Smoothie Cleanse Ebook (21 pages)
Lecture 8: Pranashama Yoga Training Manual (48 pages)

SECTION 2: Day 1
Lecture 9:
Day 1: Read This
Lecture 10: 30DYC Intro (02:50)
Lecture 11: Beginners Vinyasa Sun Salute B (05:45)
Lecture 12:
Beginners Flow 1:35

SECTION 3: Day 2
Lecture 13:
Day 2 Read This
Lecture 14: Yoga for Hips & Lower Back- ALL Levels (05:58)
Lecture 15:
Grounding Sequence All Levels

SECTION 4: Day 3
Lecture 16:
Day 3: Read This
Lecture 17: Beginners Yoga & Self Massage (03:32)
Lecture 18: Intermediate Surya Namaskar Variation (09:48)
Lecture 19: Qi Flow Pt 1 - 12min. (12:01)
Lecture 20: Qi Flow Pt 2 - 24min. (24:02)
Lecture 21:
Qi Flow Vinyasa Pt 3

SECTION 5: Day 4
Lecture 22:
Day 4: Read This
Lecture 23: Beginners Shoulders Mat Vinyasa (02:33)
Lecture 24:
Fire Practice 1:47

SECTION 6: Day 5
Lecture 25:
Day 5: Read This
Lecture 26: Weight Loss Yoga - 10 Minutes (09:57)
Lecture 27: CORE Strength Sequence (08:04)
Lecture 28:
Heart Chakra Vinyasa Practice 1:23

SECTION 7: Day 6
Lecture 29:
Day 6: Read This
Lecture 30: SELF MASSAGE & Yoga with Dashama (05:23)
Lecture 31: Arm Sculpting Yoga with Dashama- Vinyasa Yoga Level 2/3 (04:00)
Lecture 32:
Mantra Vinyasa All Levels 1:43

SECTION 8: Day 7
Lecture 33:
Day 7: Read This
Lecture 34: Salute the Sun! Rise & Shine with Yoga-Advanced Levels 2/3 (04:57)

SECTION 9: Day 8
Lecture 35:
Day 8: Read This
Lecture 36: Meditation For Beginners (05:34)
Lecture 37: YOGA NECK STRETCH & MASSAGE (02:55)
Lecture 38:
Guided Meditation 1:08

SECTION 10: Day 9
Lecture 39:
Day 9: Read This
Lecture 40: Balance Yoga Sequence- Level 2/3 (04:55)
Lecture 41: Power Yoga ABS- Stability Ball- All Levels (03:37)
Lecture 42:
Diet Q&A 1:11

SECTION 11: Day 10
Lecture 43:
Day 10: Read This
Lecture 44: Advanced Standing Balance Bow Airplane Half Lotus (08:56)
Lecture 45: Shakira Yoga! Hips Don't Lie. All levels (06:07)
Lecture 46: Yoga Q&A 33 min. (33:50)

SECTION 12: Day 11
Lecture 47:
Day 11: Read This
Lecture 48: Yoga for Hips & Inner Thighs (09:05)
Lecture 49:
Pranashama Flow 1:48

SECTION 13: Day 12
Lecture 50:
Day 12: Read This
Lecture 51: 6 Pack Yoga Abs part 1 (04:19)
Lecture 52: 6 Pack Yoga Abs Part 2 (03:26)
Lecture 53: Super Foods to Increase Your Energy Naturally -Detox Diet (07:38)

SECTION 14: Day 13
Lecture 54:
Day 13: Read This
Lecture 55: Back Bend/ Bridge Leg Sequence (07:52)
Lecture 56: Warrior Breathwork Pt 1 (31:00)
Lecture 57: Warrior Breathwork Pt 2 - 23 min. (23:48)

SECTION 15: Day 14
Lecture 58:
Day 14: Read This
Lecture 59: 10 Minute Advanced Abs (09:41)
Lecture 60: Mantras and the Power of Om (03:52)
Lecture 61:
Detox Flow 1:44

SECTION 16: Day 15
Lecture 62:
Day 15: Read This
Lecture 63: HANDSTANDS (02:36)
Lecture 64:
Pranashama Awareness Flow 1:46

SECTION 17: Day 16
Lecture 65:
Day 16: Read This
Lecture 66: 10 Minute Advanced Abs (09:41)
Lecture 67: Chakra Balancing Guided Meditation (08:32)

SECTION 18: Day 17
Lecture 68:
Day 17: Read This
Lecture 69: HANDSTAND Press Up- Yoga (04:50)
Lecture 70: Stability Ball Workout- Legs & ABS (03:33)

SECTION 19: Day 18
Lecture 71:
Day 18: Read This
Lecture 72: All Levels Prayer Twist Vinyasa (04:21)
Lecture 73: Seated Fwd Bend Series (07:46)

SECTION 20: Day 19
Lecture 74:
Day 19: Read This
Lecture 75: Pranayama Yoga Breathwork with Dashama (09:51)

SECTION 21: Day 20
Lecture 76:
Day 20: Read This
Lecture 77: Advance Your Backbends using a strap-with Dashama (08:56)
Lecture 78:
Heart Chakra Pt 1 - 1:22
Lecture 79: Heart Chakra Pt 2 - 23min (22:51)

SECTION 22: Day 21
Lecture 80:
Day 21: Read This
Lecture 81: Advanced Core Power Sequence- Vinyasa Yoga Level 2/3 (07:04)
Lecture 82: Lung Expansion Breath Pranayama- Yoga ALL levels (04:36)

SECTION 23: Day 22
Lecture 83:
Day 22: Read This
Lecture 84: Handstands without the wall- Level 2/3- Pranashama Vinyasa Yoga (04:33)
Lecture 85: Hips & Heart Sequence- Vinyasa Yoga 2/3 (05:06)

SECTION 24: Day 23
Lecture 86:
Day 23: Read This
Lecture 87: Partner Yoga (07:27)
Lecture 88: YOGA TO GET IN THE SPLITS with Dashama (08:42)

SECTION 25: Day 24
Lecture 89:
Day 24: Read This
Lecture 90: Swoop Through - Yoga Fluid Pushup (02:01)
Lecture 91: Advanced Headstands- Pranashama Yoga Levels 2/3 (05:07)

SECTION 26: Day 25
Lecture 92:
Day 25: Read This
Lecture 93: SCORPION POSE YOGA Advanced Level (03:00)
Lecture 94: Vigerous Vinyasa Pt 1- 5:08 (05:07)
Lecture 95:
Vigerous Vinyasa Pt 2 - 1:05

SECTION 27: Day 26
Lecture 96:
Day 26: Read This
Lecture 97: STOMACH MASSAGE with Dashama (08:39)
Lecture 98: Homemade Veggie Sushi (05:55)

SECTION 28: Day 27
Lecture 99:
Day 27: Read This
Lecture 100: Advanced Drop Back Push Up Seqeunce (03:57)
Lecture 101: Advanced Yoga Splits Tutorial (04:08)

SECTION 29: Day 28
Lecture 102:
Day 28: Read This
Lecture 103: Anti-Aging Raw Food Snack- Weight Loss Diet with Dashama (04:31)
Lecture 104: Full Wheel Back Walkover Advanced (02:32)

SECTION 30: Day 29
Lecture 105:
Day 29: Read This
Lecture 106: Isla Mujeres Yoga On The Wall Level 2/3 (08:22)
Lecture 107: Spicy Tofu Burritos with Dashama (05:07)

SECTION 31: Day 30
Lecture 108:
Day 30: Read This
Lecture 109: Magic Hour Meditation (06:54)
Lecture 110: Yoga Nidra Meditation 12:33 (12:33)

SECTION 32: Next Steps
Lecture 111:
Congratulations! Great job :)
Lecture 112: What's next from here...? (02:21)