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Yin Yoga: Your Very Own Fountain of Youth

Defy age, go deep, open & energize!

Breathe, stretch and let go!

Reclaim your youth with three deeply calming and energizing yoga practices ...

Go deep with long held stretching poses that stimulate and open the bodys meridians or energy pathways, restoring youthful joint mobility and creating an unparalleled feeling of energy, vitality and calm.

Find inner peace and recapture the ease and joint mobility of your youth.

Cooling Yin targets the deeper connective tissue, creating a more fluid body to help you maximize your favorite sport or exercise and feel like a child again!  Yin Yoga is the perfect complement to traditional heating yoga that sculpts the muscles of the body because it teaches you to go inside, to go deeper into your body--into the cooling, calming power of stillness.

This course contains 3 complete age-defying, energizing, mind-body stretching practices that will help you to:

  • Energize and reduce stress
  • Dramatically increase flexibility
  • Release chronic holding patterns and relieve pain
  • Nourish and recharge your body and spirit 

Enhance flexibility and find peace of mind with 3 yin yoga practices, each one deeper, more focused, more liberating.  Jennifer Kries, Pilates Master, yoga devotee and alternative fitness pioneer teaches you to turn back the clock as you progress from beginner to intermediate and then advanced, learning how to use your breath to create a blissful feeling of freedom and space in your body and mind.

Cultivate inner peace and experience greater energy and physical freedom than ever before with this simple, quiet, transformative practice. 

~Suitable for all levels


Jennifer Kries

Structura cursului

Lecture 1: Yin Yoga: Your Fountain of Youth~ Course Introduction (01:19)

SECTION 1: Yin Yoga Practices
Lecture 2: Yin Yoga - Beginner (20:46)
Lecture 3: Yin Yoga - Intermediate (23:25)
Lecture 4: Yin Yoga - Advanced (33:29)

SECTION 2: Yin Yoga & Meridian Theory Interview
Lecture 5: Yin Yoga - Meridian Theory (09:11)