Yoga for a Total Mind-Body Transformation

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This course is designed to re-work your body from head to toe and center your busy mind through a series of balanced yoga practices. Join certified yoga instructor Casey Beck as she guides you deeper into your truest Self, teaching you to let go of self-criticism and doubt by freeing the body from tension and quieting the mind.

Yoga for a Total Mind-Body Transformation was created to inspire positive and lasting change in your life. The systematic approach of this course covers all parts of the body and mind, and Casey's sense of humor makes the detoxifying practices of yoga and meditation fun and personal. Join one of the Bay Area's up-and-coming yoga teachers as you:

-Relieve stress and tension in common "trouble areas," such as the neck, shoulders, lower back and hips

-Create a strong foundation for a lifelong yoga practice or reaffirm and solidify your existing foundation

-Quiet self-doubt and awaken an empowered, confident Self

Casey offers both physical and mental techniques for erasing existing tension in the mind and body and reducing stress. You can always use these techniques to deal with stress in everyday life, returning to the course as often as you wish for a refresher or just some extra support.

Who is this course for?

Everyone! Yogis of all ages and experience levels will gain invaluable information from this course. People who have some familiarity with yoga or would consider themselves at least an experienced beginner will get the most out of this course, but Casey's articulate and detailed instruction ensures that yogis of all abilities will be able to enjoy this life-affirming practice. Additionally, Casey's alignment suggestions and simple, effective meditations will serve even the most experienced yogi.

What are the benefits?
-Reduced stress

-Better sleep

-Increased vitality

-Increased confidence

-Improved physical health

-Increased libido


Casey Beck

Structura cursului

SECTION 1: Introduction
Lecture 1: Introduction to Casey and the Course (03:20)
Lecture 2:
Why Practice Yoga and an Introduction to Yoga Asana

SECTION 2: What is Yoga?
Lecture 3: What is Yoga? (07:09)
Lecture 4: Intro To Ujjayi Breath (05:53)

SECTION 3: Variations on Sun Salutations
Lecture 5: Introduction to Surya Namaskar A (10 minutes) (10:26)
Lecture 6: Introduction to Surya Namaskar B (8 minutes) (08:06)

SECTION 4: Feet and Legs
Lecture 7: From the Ground Up: Working the Feet (11:01)
Lecture 8: AM Morning Flow (27:23)

SECTION 5: Hips and Core
Lecture 9: Heal your Hips (38:13)
Lecture 10: 20-Minute Core Workout (19:56)

SECTION 6: Head, Neck, and Shoulders
Lecture 11: Yoga at Work: Simple Shoulder Openers you can do Anywhere (20 minutes) (18:54)
Lecture 12: Flip Your World Upside down with Headstands (12 minutes) (11:38)

SECTION 7: Detoxing the Mind
Lecture 13: End of the Day Yoga Unwind and Meditation (25 minutes) (26:18)
Lecture 14: A Mind Detox Meditation (10:53)

SECTION 8: Bringing it all Together
Lecture 15: Blue Sky (05:33)
Lecture 16: 45-Minute Class for the Yogi on the Go (48:26)
Lecture 17:
Level 1-2 Vinyasa Flow
Lecture 18:
Level 2-3 Vinyasa Flow