Yoga for Stress

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If you're alive, there's a good chance you're a little stressed out.  Stress comes in many forms and some of them make you want to pull your hair out or scream at old people moving too slowly.  Stress can be physical, chemical, or emotional.  It can be acute and it can be chronic.  If left to run wild, stress can turn your life upside down and reveal all of your shortcomings, which sometimes isn't pretty.

Being stressed doesn't feel good and it doesn't need to dominate your life.  Stress can actually elevate your quality of life if it's managed properly.  In this course you will learn how to recognize what causes stress and turn it into something positive, something that will change your life.

We'll get into some simple science; providing information to understand stress better.  Then, for the bulk of this course, we'll be going over powerful breathing exercises and yoga sequences that will elevate your life to the next level.  After this, stress won't be able to touch you. 


Kirk Hensler

Structura cursului

SECTION 1: Chapter 1: What Is Stress?
Lecture 1: Stress In A Nutshell (02:40)
Lecture 2: Simple Breathing Exercises (05:29)
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Lecture 3:
Identifying Stress

SECTION 2: Chapter 2: Moving Your Body
Lecture 4: Keeping Your Body Moving (01:30)
Lecture 5: Tai Chi Warmup (03:55)

SECTION 3: Chapter 3: Sun Salutations
Lecture 6: Talking About Sun Salutations (01:24)
Lecture 7: Sun Salutations A & B (03:27)
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Lecture 8:
Sun Salutation A Photo Breakdown
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Lecture 9:
Sun Salutation B Photo Breakdown

SECTION 4: Chapter 4: The Standing Postures
Lecture 10: Developing Your Standing Postures (01:24)
Lecture 11: Breaking Down Standing Postures (04:38)
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Lecture 12:
Triangle Pose (Trikonasana) Benefits
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Lecture 13:
Revolved Triangle (Parivrtta Trikonasana) Benefits
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Lecture 14:
Extended Side Angle Pose (Parshvakonasana) Benefits
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Lecture 15:
Revolved Extended Side Angle Pose (Parivrtta Parshvakonasana) Benefits

SECTION 5: Chapter 5: The Seated Postures
Lecture 16: Discussing The Seated Postures (00:59)
Lecture 17: Breaking Down The Seated Postures (02:08)
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Lecture 18:
Seated Forward Fold Pose (Paschimattanasana) Benefits
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Lecture 19:
Head To Knee Pose (Janu Sirsasana) Benefits
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Lecture 20:
Bound Angle Pose (Baddha Konasana) Benefits
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Lecture 21:
Seated Spinal Twist Pose

SECTION 6: Chapter 6: Backbends & Inversions
Lecture 22: Discussing Backbends & Inversions (02:16)
Lecture 23: Breaking Down Backbends & Inversions (03:57)
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Lecture 24:
Reverse Plank Pose (Purvatanasana)
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Lecture 25:
Bridge Pose
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Lecture 26:
Upward Facing Bow Pose (Urdhva Dhanurasana)
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Lecture 27:
Shoulderstand (Sarvangasana)

SECTION 7: Chapter 7: The Final Posture
Lecture 28: Finishing The Practice (01:08)
Lecture 29: Breathing Techniques For A Complete Rest (00:25)

SECTION 8: Chapter 8: Complete Sequence For Home Practice
Lecture 30: Full Yoga Sequence For Home Practice (34:14)

SECTION 9: Chapter 9: The Green Smoothie
1 slide
Lecture 31:
The Green Smoothie Recipe