Essential Selling Skills

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Essential Selling Skills: Mastering Cold Calling

  • assess the effectiveness of a cold-calling script


  • identify when not to call a prospect


  • recognize how to deal with gatekeepers when cold calling


  • recognize how to overcome cold-calling objections


  • make a cold call that leads to an appointment




Essential Selling Skills: Qualifying Sales Prospects

  • take steps to plan for a qualifying meeting


  • determine whether the guidelines for conducting a qualification meeting have been followed appropriately


  • take steps to qualify a prospect effectively


  • develop a qualified lead into a sales opportunity




Essential Selling Skills: Closing the Sale

  • recognize examples of strong value propositions


  • identify the signs that your prospect is ready to close


  • apply the process for dealing with sales objections appropriately


  • recognize key strategies for closing a sale


  • recognize how to follow up after a sale


  • deal with objections and close a sale