Sales Foundations

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Introduction to Sales

  • distinguish between the roles of marketing and sales


  • match the key competencies to how they contribute to success in sales


  • recognize the effects recent sales trends have had on the buyer-seller relationship


  • recognize the differences between organizational and consumer buying


  • recognize the benefits of understanding consumer buying behavior


  • match stages of the sales cycle to examples




Strategic Sales Planning

  • determine whether the steps in analyzing the competition have been carried out appropriately


  • determine the effectiveness of a segment for a given scenario


  • determine whether the steps in writing a value proposition have been carried out correctly


  • recognize the importance of value propositions


  • sequence examples of the steps in the sales process


  • determine whether the steps in developing a sales strategy have been carried out correctly




Preparing for Successful Sales

  • identify the types of information that should be included in the development of a sales presentation


  • recognize appropriate use of the guidelines for delivering a sales presentation in a given scenario


  • describe how to prepare to negotiate


  • apply guidelines for how to effectively handle situations that may surface during a sales negotiation


  • counter common objections to a sales pitch with an appropriate response


  • recognize effective techniques for closing a sale




Developing Strong Customer Relationships

  • match types of customers to examples


  • recognize statements that explain what customers value


  • recognize examples of appropriate use of the guidelines for communicating effectively in a sales meeting


  • recognize effective techniques for establishing credibility


  • build credibility in sales meetings




Working within the Sales Culture of Your Organization

  • determine the sales culture of an organization


  • recognize examples of winning sales people


  • identify ways to develop personal accountability as a sales person


  • match common sales mistakes with ways to avoid them


  • match the sales management styles to how to work with each type




Developing a Customer-focused Sales Approach

  • define the term customer-focused selling


  • recognize examples of barriers to customer-focused selling


  • recognize examples of appropriate use of the principles of customer-focused selling


  • use a customer-focused sales approach


  • identify how CRM supports customer-focused sales


  • define the term customer relationship management (CRM)




Don't Only Go for the Big Fish


The Ethics of Gift Giving


Using Persuasion Techniques to Boost Sales


Initiating Discovery Meetings