Solution Selling

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Solution Selling: Mastering the Essentials

  • determine when to use solution selling rather than transactional selling in a sales situation


  • recognize the benefits of solution selling as a sales strategy


  • recognize the principles of solution selling, given a scenario


  • recognize characteristics of a problem-focused discussion


  • determine which solution selling tactics to use with a given customer




Solution Selling: Meeting an Active Need

  • assess a given opportunity to determine whether the customer qualifies for solution selling


  • choose the appropriate competitive strategy given a sales situation


  • identify competitive sales strategies


  • recognize examples of questions to ask when diagnosing a customer's problem


  • present a solution to a given customer




Solution Selling: Creating New Opportunities

  • recognize examples of appropriate research and planning activities


  • evaluate a salesperson's initial message to a prospect


  • use questioning to diagnose a given customer's needs


  • calculate the value of the solution to determine its viability


  • use an investment formula to determine the optimal solution