How to Design a Logo - a Beginners Course

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In this course you will learn how to design a logo from brief to completion. You will watch as I take a logo design brief from the client on Skype and then I will break down the whole process into simple steps.

You will learn:

  • how to generate initial ideas
  • how to use sketching to get your ideas down quickly
  • different ways you can come up with ideas through a step by step process
  • about different fonts
  • about common logo text positioning
  • about different colour options
  • how to work up the best ideas in Adobe Illustrator
  • how to send the ideas to the client

You will also learn the more practical side of logo design, how to quote for a project and things to be aware of.

This course also includes a bonus 60pg ebook guide of how to design a logo including warm up exercises and sample logo project.


Tara Roskell

Structura cursului

SECTION 1: Introduction
Lecture 1: An introduction to the logo design course (01:04)

SECTION 2: Bonus
16.45 MB
Lecture 2:
61 Page Ebook - How to Design a Logo

SECTION 3: Getting a Logo Design Brief
Lecture 3: The logo design briefing with the client (17:45)
48.15 KB
Lecture 4:
Notes: Logo design brief summary
43.43 KB
Lecture 5:
Sample logo design questionnaire

SECTION 4: Reference Material, Moodboards and Mind Mapping
Lecture 6: Collecting Together Reference Material (01:36)
Lecture 7:
Notes: How to take a Screenshot on Mac or PC
Lecture 8: Collecting imagery and creating moodboards (01:05)
Lecture 9: Mind Mapping to generate ideas (01:10)

SECTION 5: Sketching out Ideas
Lecture 10: Introduction to sketching out ideas (00:35)
Lecture 11: Adding elements to a word (03:35)
Lecture 12: How to create a symbol (practice exercise) (01:47)
Lecture 13: Creating a symbol (01:34)
Lecture 14: Common logo text positioning (00:58)
Lecture 15: Using a company's initials (01:21)
Lecture 16: Using the first letter of a company name (00:52)
Lecture 17: Using geometric shapes (01:07)
Lecture 18: Sketching recap and choosing the best ideas (00:47)

SECTION 6: All about Fonts and Typography
Lecture 19: Introduction to fonts (03:35)
Lecture 20: Finding free fonts for commercial use (02:36)

SECTION 7: Adobe Illustrator Basics
Lecture 21: Adobe Illustrator Basics (20:10)

SECTION 8: Working up Logos in Illustrator in Black and White
Lecture 22: Working up logos in Illustrator in black and white part 1 (13:43)
Lecture 23: Working up logos in Illustrator in black and white part 2 (13:14)
Lecture 24: Working up logos in Illustrator in black and white part 3 (18:58)
Lecture 25: All the black and white logos (00:23)

SECTION 9: Working up the Logos in Colour
Lecture 26: Colour types (04:05)
Lecture 27: Colouring up the logos (05:26)
Lecture 28: All the colour logos (01:49)

SECTION 10: Sending the Logos Designs to the Client
Lecture 29: Sending logos to the client (01:20)
Lecture 30: Client feedback (05:40)
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Lecture 31:
Notes: Logo design feedback from the client

SECTION 11: Amends and Finalising the Logo Designs
Lecture 32: Amends and finalising (05:26)
Lecture 33: Creating different logo formats for the client (02:59)

SECTION 12: Quoting, Invoicing and Admin
Lecture 34: Quoting on a logo design project (02:31)
89.38 KB
Lecture 35:
Sample Logo Design Quote and What to Charge
63.97 KB
Lecture 36:
Sample Logo Design Invoice

SECTION 13: Thank you and more
Lecture 37: Thank you and more (00:20)

SECTION 14: Downloads and Sample Briefs
159.52 KB
Lecture 38:
Logo type positioning (Arial)
46.62 KB
Lecture 39:
Sample ficticious logo design brief for an App Company
46.29 KB
Lecture 40:
A sample ficticious logo design brief for a pet food company
Lecture 41:
Extra Videos on Getting Ideas (based on student questions)