Mastering The GIMP -a Free Photoshop Clone

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Who is this course for?

This "Mastering The GIMP" course is for all aspiring or professional graphic designers who are looking for an alternative to Photoshop while not having to worry about spending $200 to $600 dollars in graphic design software and its future upgrades.

Graphic Design software shouldn't be too expensive.

Professionals and hobbyist in the industry of graphic design, web design, filming and photography now heavily relies on the use of graphic design softwares. The most popular graphic design software, at the time of writing, is Photoshop which can cost you $200 to $600 -not to mention further costs on all future upgrades. But why spend that much when you can use GIMP instead for free?

GIMP is an open-source (free) graphic design software which is controversially an equal clone of Photoshop. Since GIMP is open-source, it will not cost you anything to get it including all its future upgrades. GIMP's capabilities are very comparable with Photoshop (what Photoshop can do, GIMP can do too) that more and more graphic designers are turning into using GIMP -not only because it's cost-free but also it gets upgraded often with better improvements each time.

Becoming a GIMP master shouldn't be too expensive and time consuming.

"Mastering The GIMP" is a full course at a very affordable price which can guarantee you the title 'Graphic Designer' and 'GIMP Master' at the end of the course. This is a complete step-by-step course of video tutorials and resources, which you can finish in a week or less.

GIMP in Action:

Why take this course?

With this course you will be able to gain a new skill for life which can earn you a better source of income, while saving you a lot of money doing your job or passion in your industry using GIMP as your 'bread and butter' free graphic design software.

It's time for you to save money on graphic design software for life, and time for you to save time on searching good sources about GIMP. There are more than 27 videos including those of new 'How To' videos which are continually added from time to time upon reasonable requests. Last but not least, since this course is in Udemy, there is a 30-day-money-back guarantee so there is absolutely no risk at your end.

              Learn New Skill. Save Money. Save Time. No Risk.

         You couldn't ask for a better deal. Take this course now.


Joemar Lacson

Structura cursului

SECTION 1: Core Lectures
Lecture 1: Master The GIMP (01:03)
Lecture 2: How to Download and Install GIMP (03:14)
Lecture 3: Getting Started (10:56)
Lecture 4: Getting Familiar with The User Interface (06:01)
Lecture 5: Using The Rectangle Tool (09:06)
Lecture 6: Using The Free Hand Tool (02:40)
Lecture 7: Using The Fuzzy Select (04:00)
Lecture 8: Using The Scissors Tool (05:38)
Lecture 9: Using The Foreground Tool (07:24)
Lecture 10: Using The Paths Tool (06:21)
Lecture 11: Using The Color Picker (04:52)
Lecture 12: Using The Zoom Tool (01:52)
Lecture 13: Using The Measure Tool (02:12)
Lecture 14: Using The Move Tool (02:55)
Lecture 15: Using The Align Tool (02:57)
Lecture 16: Using The Transform Tools (13:40)
Lecture 17: Using The Text Tool (11:23)
Lecture 18: Using The Bucket Fill (04:39)
Lecture 19: Using The Blend Tool (07:30)
Lecture 20: Using The Brush Tools (10:46)
Lecture 21: Using The Last of Tools (15:49)
Lecture 22: How To Create Your Own Custom Brushes (09:00)
Lecture 23: Working with Layers (08:48)
Lecture 24: Using GIMP to Edit PSD (04:06)
Lecture 25: Applying Transparency (11:09)
Lecture 26: Saving Your Work Correctly (08:57)
Lecture 27: Introduction to Script FU (06:46)
Lecture 28: Creating Web 2.0 Graphics (14:57)

SECTION 2: "How To" Videos Collection
Lecture 29:
Creating Glossy Metal 3D Text
Lecture 30:
Color Changing Animation
Lecture 31:
Isolating Objects
Lecture 32:
Combining Objects
Lecture 33:
Various Object Manipulation
Lecture 34:
Waving Animation
Lecture 35:
Tips On Using Paths Tool
Lecture 36:
How To Add New Brushes
Lecture 37:
How To Slice Images For Web Use