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A phrasal verb is a combination of a common verb and a preposition whose meaning is very different from the sum total of its components. E.g. to PUT OFF means "to postpone", "to do something at a later date", thus has very little in common with the meaning of "put" and "off".

Phrasal verbs are very often used in spoken and informal English, as well as in the language of newspapers, but they are very difficult for most foreign learners. The wrong interpretation of phrasal verbs may give rise to misunderstandings, mistaken translations or even a breakdown in communication. Therefore, at least a passive knowledge of a wide range of these expressions is essential for all the speakers of the language.

Fill in the blanks with can, could or be able to. Sometimes you have more than one possibility:
1. Your sister ... play the piano well.
2. They took his passport so that he ... not leave the country.
3. We have been looking for John for two hours, but we ... not find him.
4. Whenever Cathy learns the lesson, she ... give very good answers.
5. ... I see your bicycle?
6. He ... be at home now.
7. ... you lend me $5? No, I ... not.
8. ... you teii me the entire Commercial Code? I...when I was at school but I ... not now.
9. ... I speak to Mr. Franklin, please?
10. He was very strong; he ... work all day and study all night.
11. The police were suspicious at first but I ... convince them that we were innocent.

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