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Any community is parted in several small groups of people constituting the elites of the political, social and cultural life, on one hand, and the crowd, the mass of people of an average level. Along the ages, there has always been a tension between such small exclusive groups of educated and informed men and the rest of the population.

In certain periods, the elites tried to govern the people either in a tyrannical way or with the intention of illuminating them. The communist regimes in Eastern European countries pretended to use the reversed method, that of imposing the power of the masses over the elites.

But Marxist theories are not isolated in the attempt of breaking the walls between small educated groups and large uneducated crowds, the whole wave of 20th century ideologies including globalisation and post-industrialisation have this purpose. Can we conceive a separation into masses and elites nowadays? Why? Can you define the concepts of culture for the elites and mass-culture?

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