Gaseste: Master Doctorat

Admitere - Masterul Comparative Politics. Central and Eastern European Politics and Societies

Program: Master
Acreditare: Acreditata
Subdisciplina: Stiinte politice
Durata: 24 luni

  • Perioada inscriere toamna: 07.09.2011-14.09.2011
    Momentan nu exista informatii complete despre acest program, insa aceasta sectiune este actualizata constant.
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  • Acte necesare

    1. The application form
    2. The high-school diploma of the applicant, in original
    3. The BA diploma and its supplement, in original
    4. A notarized copy of the birth certificate
    5. Three photos (3x4cm)
    6. ID copy
    7. Medical certificate
    8. Application fee receipt (100 lei) payed to the FSPUB Secretary office
    9. The research proposal

  • Modalitatea de admitere

    Conditions of admission:

    A RESEARCH PROPOSAL (about 10 000 characters) outlining a topic the applicant would want to explore as a graduate student. The proposal should underline interest, the novelty and the intellectual pertinence of the topic. The proposal should also include a list of references proving the ability of the applicant to identify the theoretical and methodological framework of his/her suggested topic.


    Applicants will be given during an INTERVIEW the opportunity to explain and clarify their proposal and to demonstrate their commitment to enroll in a graduate program. The interview will also test the general training of the applicants in the field of social and political sciences.

    The proposal and the interview will be evaluated on a scale from 1 to 10. The admission grade is the average of the two marks. The minimum admission grade is 7/10. In case of equality, candidates will be ranked according to their general BA results.

    The results of the selection will be published on the FSPUB webpage 48 hours after the interview.