Everglades National Park

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Rezervatia naturala everglades, o descriere in limba engleza. Everglades Natural Park is a nature reserve from Florida, USA. It`s the biggest subtropical nature reserve in USA, containing 25% of the original land of the marshy region in the south-west Florida. It’s visited by over one million people every year, being the third great reserve from those forty-eight American states after the Death Valley and the Yellowstone nature reserve.

It was declared the Biosphere reserve, included in the world patrimony, and one of the most important wet zones in the world. This part of the Florida includes a large zone of marshy prairies, limited in the west and south parts by mangroves, and it is so low and flat that it is covered by water almost all the time of the year.

The Everglades National Park Map
The Indian name for the large marshy spread known as Everglades is the River of Grass, a region where the aquatic basins are covered by huge grass carpets, often lying as the eye can see.
From a geologist point of view, not long ago Everglades were covered by the sea waters, being exondated seventeen thousands years ago, during the glaciations. After the sea retired, the limestone foundation showed.
Everglades National Park has a subtropical climate with two seasons. The dry season lasts from December to April, when the temperatures vary from 12o C to 25o C and the humidity is low. As the water level is low at that time the animals gather in central water spots that offer the opportunity of populate. During the wet season, from May to November, the temperature is constantly up to 33o C and the humidity over 90%.


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