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The History of Lullaby

The lullaby apparently has always been a little bit of fear-mongering and a little bit of love. Four millennia ago an ancient Babylonian wrote down a lullaby sung by a mother to her child. It may have got the baby to sleep, but its message is...

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Mic dictionar de cuvinte in limba engleza (.xls)

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Future perfect tense simple and continuous

Afirmativ: S + WILL + VB (short infinitive) Negativ: S + WILL + NOT + VB (short infinitive) Interogativ: WILL + S + VB (short infinitive) Se foloseste pentru a exprima: - previziuni, asteptari, opinii sau supozitii despre viitor si...

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When things go wrong

I.    Name some aspects that could dissatisfy customers in the tourism field. II.   Read the following text and answer the questions: The study of customer complaint behaviour and complaint resolution has been...

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I.    Work in groups to answer the following questions: •    Do you often visit museums/ historical sites? •    What is the role of museums in today’s society? II.   ...

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Alternative tourisms

1. ALTERNATIVE TOURISMS I. Comment on the following poem. Do you sympathize with the author or do you tend to contradict him? When the tourists flew in the Finance Minister said, “It will boost the economy,  the dollars will...

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Exercitii engleza

CURS 2, INCEPATORI, JURNALISM, ANUL 1, 19 IAN 2011 I. GRAMMAR – PRESENT CONTINUOUS: AFFIRMATIVE Explanations: We use the present continuous to talk about actions happening at the moment. Statements: I am sitting in my car. She’s...

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1.    account    contabil 2.    account day    zi scadenta 3.    accountable (for)    raspunzator (pentru) 4.   ...

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Engleza an II

1. Qualities of Business Letters Letter writing is an essential part of business. It means the efficiency but also the nature of the business; it determines the standard and maintains the prestige of the house. For writing good English...

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People We Know Lexical Database The Family great grandparents = strabunici great grandmother = strabunica        great grandfather = strabunic great grandson = stranepot great grand daughter = stranepoata...

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Caietul de exercitii la limba engleza, nivel intermediar-avansat, isi propune sa dea studentilor care urmeaza cursurile Facultatii de Comunicare si Relatii Publice in sistemul invatamant Deschis la Distanta (IDD) posibilitatea de a exersa situatii...

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In addition to those provided by you are necessary and the following information: Approximate date and agenda for the start of the three projects; A small description of each project in hand (location, estimated value, etc.) In the event that our...

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