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The University of Medicine and Pharmacy of Craiova has followed a gradual, successful way in the last years and now it has three faculties: Medicine, Pharmacy, Dentistry and one college.
We are proud that we can offer a modern and competitive education that meets the requirements of international standards.
Our curriculum is permanently brought up to date and offers flexibility and a wide range of courses using the ECTS. The modern computerized equipments became a reality and now can be found in laboratories, classes, libraries, social and administrative services.

We are proud to say that the academic staff rigourously selected provides a modern high standards education.
The University of Medicine and Pharmacy of Craiova functions according to the University Charter and to the Strategic Plan on Institutions Development, which indicates the managerial structure and the perspectives of development. Our students come from all over the country including the towns with institutions similar to our University. Students play an important role in our development strategy. The students'' leaders represent 25% of the Senate and of the faculties board.
The University of Medicine and Pharmacy of Craiova permanently organizes post-university courses in: medicine, dentistry and pharmacy. We have residency courses, Ph.D. courses and courses for different competences. The academic staff develops a successful and praised research activity both in the country and abroad, many of the scientific papers presented abroad being praised and recognized. The main building of the University of Medicine and Pharmacy is situated in the very center of the city. Inside can be found the medicine and dentistry preclinical departments and also some of the departments of the Faculty of Pharmacy too.
In the same area, there is the University Clinic Hospital, which offers the possibility to perform clinical activities. The University Clinic Hospital has a 12 stores building provided with new medical equipment and modern facilities. This helps in providing a high quality medical assistance for the patients from all over the country. In the same campus next to the central building, which contains clinical departments; there are also two hostels for students, a large restaurant with dining rooms, a sport hall and a modern library.
Old cultural and commercial centre, Craiova, the most important city in the South of the country besides Bucharest the capital of Romania offers a special educational, historical and cultural environment to add new valences to student''s personality.
Faculty of Medicine
Catedra Anatomia omului
Catedra: Cell Biology, Biologie genetica, Biochemistry, Biofizica
* Molecular and Cell Biology
* Biochemistry
* Biofizica
Catedra: Physiology, Physiopatology, Informatics, Biostatistics
* Physiology
* Physiopatology
* Medical Informatics
* Biostatistics
Catedra: Histology, Morfopathology, Medicina legala, Istoria medicinii
* Histology
* Morfopathology
* Medicina legala
Catedra: Semiologie medicala, Microbiology, Imunologie, Farmacologie
* Semiologie medicala
* Farmacologie
* Microbiology
Catedra: Medicina interna 1, Medicina interna IV, Boli nutritie si metabolism, Medicina interna de ambulator, Ftiziologie, Balneologie
* Medicina interna
* Boli de nutritie si metabolism
* Ftiziologie
* Medicina in ambulator
* Balneofizioterapie
Catedra: Internal Medicine 2, Medicina interna V, Hematologie clinica, Imunopatologie clinica, Oncology, Dermatology,
* Imagistica medicala
* Internal Medicine 2
* Hematologie clinica
* Oncology
* Dermatology
Catedra: Semiologie chirurgicala, O. R. L. , Ortopedie
* Clinical Surgical
* E.N.T.
* Orthopaedics
Catedra: Chirurgie, ATI, Urologie, Radiologie, Public Health si management, Chirurgie si ortopedie pediatrica
* Chirurgie
* Chirurgie toracica
* Chirurgie plastica si reparatorie
* Urology
* Radiologie
* Sanatate publica si management
* Chirurgie si ortopedie pediatrica
Catedra: Urgente medico - chirurgicale, Infectious Diseases, Epidemiologie, Parasitology, Igiena, Medicina muncii
* Infectious Diseases
* Urgente medico - chirurgicale
* Epidemiologie
* Igiena
* Medicina muncii
* Parasitology
Catedra: Pediatrics - Puericultura
Catedra Obstetrica - Ginecologie, Endocrinology
* Obstetrica - Ginecologie
* Endocrinology
Catedra: Psihiatrie, Psihologie medicala, Neurology, Neurochirurgie, Oftalmologie
* Psihiatrie
* Neurology
* Neurochirurgie
* Oftalmologie
Catedra: Limbi moderne, Educatie fizica
* Limba franceza
* Limba engleza
* Educatie fizica
Faculty of Dentistry
Dentistry 1:
* Morfopathology
* Farmacologie
* Boli infectioase
* Microbiology
* Anatomy
* Medicina interna
* Semiologie medicala
* Chirurgie generala
* Molecular and Cell Biology
* Biologie genetica
* Histology
* Sanatate publica-Management
* Physiology
* Physiopatology
* Chirurgie oro-maxilo-faciala
Dentistry 2:
* Protetica dentara
* Odontologie-Parodontologie
* Ortodontie-Pedodontie
* Patologie orala
* Propedeutica stomatologica
Faculty of Pharmacy
Pharmacy 1:
* Physical Chemistry and Colloidal Chemistry
* Pharmaceutical Physics
* Organic Chemistry
* Medicinal Chemistry
In more and more countries, also in Romania, Medical Informatics & Biostatistics is an officially recognized profession, thus offering access to a very interesting and promissing emerging segment of the labor market.
More and more medical institutions, all over the world:
1. need highly trained personnel, specialized in Informatics and Biostatistics,
2. need managers to understand and master the new tools and techniques in order to optimize the enterprise,
3. need researchers able to develop and demonstrate concepts, to master complex tools and to develop new tools.
Our program is open to:
1. graduates in Medicine who want to improve their chance to get into the area of health management, to develop skills at the interface with Informatics and Biostatistics as tools to master medical data, or who want to develop a profile as a researcher and thus to improve their chance on the international arena;
2. graduates from other fields (Engineering and Business Administration, Mathematics, Informatics, etc.) who want to improve their chance to get into the area of health management, to develop skills at the interface with Informatics and Biostatistics as tools to master medical data, who want to develop a profile as a researcher and thus to improve their chance on the international arena, who want to get specialized into a highly interdisciplinary area.
Within a progressively dynamic world where a challenging labor market asks for:
1. higher specialization in interdisciplinary areas together with
2. a wider professional horizon, to enable the individual to adapt to specific requirements,
3. original thinking and capacity to develop nonstandard solutions,
4. the ability to leading change, the objectives of our program are:
1. To provide our students up-to-date knowledge and proficiency in cutting edge tools at the border between Informatics, Biostatistics and Medicine, to serve Medicine;
2. To encourage and help our students to develop and apply original thinking;
3. To provide our students a serious formation as researchers and managers, through systematic training to develop concepts, to design and perform experiments, to pursue experiments, process complex data, draw conclusions;
4. To help our students to develop the ability to leading change and managerial qualities.
dmittance Criteria
National Students
Admittance for Romanian citizens to the three faculties as well as to the university colleges is based on a contest. High school graduated with the school-leaving certificate can enter this admittance examination.
Our University is glad to Welcome International students which can be:
* Exchange students (Socrates)
* Full-fee paying students.
Exchange Students
Students arriving under bilateral agreements signed between our University and partner Universities globally must register with the International Relations Department of our University.
Documents are required by rules applicable according to the bilateral agreement that has been signed. As a general framework, a student would require the following papers: a transcript of grades, passport-size photos, a medical certificate, a copy of the birth certificate, a statement from the coordinating Professor from the home institution and a short description of the project.
International Students
International students are welcomed both by the academic and civic communities of our city.
About 15% of our students come from abroad, coming from all over the world: Africa, Asia, Europe, North America and South-America. Our graduates practice medicine and dentistry in over 41 countries of the World.
If you are a FULL-FEE PAYING STUDENT, you can be admitted to the University of Medicine and Pharmacy of Craiova for university courses, college courses, specialization, and doctoral studies. All courses taught in Romanian, without having to sit an examination but paying university fees.
For acceptance into the Faculty of Medicine, Dentistry and Pharmacy, candidates must have completed High School Studies and achieved a school-leaving examination degree or the equivalent with a written confirmation from the appropriate Ministry of Education.
For postgraduate specialization – courses taught in Romanian – the candidates should have a university degree, and the doctoral studies, in addition to their degree, they should have recommendations from well known scientific personalities, as well as a list of their published scientific papers and an individual scientific activity project.
Foreign citizens do not require an admittance examination for the entrance to the University but acceptance for doctoral studies is dependent on an Admittance Board.
University and postgraduate specialization studies are governed by attendance criteria, while doctoral degrees can be gained without full attendance.
Citizens of other countries who wish to study in Romania can be admitted to courses by paying in hard currency, or as recipients of scholarships from an intermediate organization or institution (O.N.U., U.N.E.S.C.O., O.M.S. etc.) or as recipients of grants from the Romanian State. These grants are usually given for the whole duration of the course of the study, to witch a preparatory year is added for those who do not speak Romanian.
Admission requirements
* a standard application form - download
* a photocopy or a legalized copy of their certificate of study
* a legalized copy of their birth certificate
* a medical certificate, issued by an appropriate medical authority confirming the ability to study abroad
* two photographs 3 cm

* an university degree
* for doctoral studies, in addition to their degree, they should have:
* recommendations from recognized scientific personalities
* a list of their published scientific papers
* an individual scientific project
Originals and translations of all documents in English/French must be legalized by the Romanian Embassy in their country of origin. The submission of application forms can be made up to the 1st of November..
Romanian is required for all faculties or colleges of our University. Applicants must prove their proficiency in Romanian by participating in a test organized either by our University or by the Ministry of National Education. Foreign students that intend to study in Romania are offered by the University an option to register for the preparatory year. Length of the Romanian language course is one academic year.
Host Country Formalities
You will need a visa to come here. The visa is issued by the Romanian Embassy of our country.
You will have to register first with our Admission Office - Foreign Students, at the University. You will get here:
- information on how to prolong your visa (application forms for visa prolongation);
- your Temporary Student Card;
- directions for specific problems that you might encounter.
For more information please contact us at following address:
University of Medicine and Pharmacy of Craiova, International Relation Department
4, P. Rares Street, 1100, Craiova, Dolj, Romania
Tel/fax: +4 051 193077
University Fees
The foreign citizens registered as students of the UMF Craiova will pay a monthly fee of 360 USD with an anticipation of 3 months.
For the periods they remain over Romanian territory during the legal holidays the fee is 109 USD / month (3.67 USD / day).
The fees do not cover living expenses.
Our University will cover the paperwork necessary for the foreign students to obtain the visa for the periods of time they have paid their fees.
For the citizens of the countries below, the scholar taxes will be paid for the whole university year (10 months).
* Albany
* Algeria
* Angora
* SAUDI Arabia
* Bahrain
* Bangladesh
* Benin
* Bhutan
* Burkina Faso
* Burundi
* Green Cape Republic
* Central African Republic
* China
* Ciad
* Camores RFI
* Congo
* Cote d''Ivoire
* Cuba
* Djibouti
* Dominican Republic
* Arabian Units EMIRATE
* Eritrea
* Fiji
* Gabon
* Gambia
* Ghana
* Guinea BISSAU
* Guyana
* Haiti
* India
* iORDANia
* Iraq
* Iran
* Kenya
* Kuwait
* Laos
* Madagascar
* Mali
* Morocco
* Mauritius
* Mongolia
* Myanmar
* Nepal
* Niger
* Nigeria
* Oman
* Pakistan
* Papua – New Guineas
* Peru
* Rwanda
* Sao Tone and Principe
* Senegal
* Sierra Leone
* Syria
* Somalia
* Sri Lanka
* Sudan
* Tanzania
* Thailand
* Togo
* Tunisia
* Uganda
* Yemen
* Zaire
* Zambia
These objectives will be reached through
1. High quality teaching covering a modern curricula,
2. Project oriented practical involvement in all aspects of the curricula,
3. Team oriented work,
4. The possibility to get involved in international cooperation,
5. Training on how and where to apply for jobs within the field, on how to improve the personal rating through this process
6. Practical approach to progressively increase the personal rating and chance on a dynamic labor market.
The University of Medicine and Pharmacy of Craiova has links with important European associations like: AMEE (Association of Medical Education in Europe), AMSE (Association of Medical Schools in Europe), IIME (International Institution of Medical Education), CRE (l''Association des Universités Européennes), AUPELF-UREF (Agence Francophone pour l''Enseignement Supérieur et la Recherche), CIDMEF (Conférence Internationale des Doyens de Facultés de Médecine d''Expression Française). The University of Medicine and Pharmacy of Craiova has showed a constant interest to partnership with others universities in Romania and abroad. Our University is strategically interested in bilateral agreements with partner institutions. We are an active link into different networks like MED-NET 2, S.I.D.A.- NET, Comp-Uni and Regional-NET.
We consider every international student a special individual, eagerly willing to assist him or her. We are proud that over 20 different countries are represented on our campus.
Medical Students Society Craiova or SSMC is functioning since 1990 and is a founding member of IFMSA - Romania.
The Organization has eight local committees which organize projects and take part in international activities. They deal with:
- student exchange (SCOPE - Standing Committee on Professional Exchange and SCORE - Standing Committee on Research Exchange)
- public health issues (SCOPH - Standing Committee on Public Health)
- reproductive health and AIDS activities (SCORA - Standing Committee on Reproductive Health and AIDS)
- medical education projects (SCOME - Standing Committee on Medical Education)
- refugees support and promotion of peace.
The University of Medicine and Pharmacy of Craiova has a campus with shared facilities. The University has two hostels where 820 students are lodged at low costs. Foreign students must pay 50 USD per month.
Cost of living
Estimation of a monthly budget:
Accommodation: 50 USD (in the university campus) - 300 USD (at private hostels), as an average.
Meals: 100 - 200 USD
Public Transport: 10 - 50 USD
IMPORTANT! English is well spoken in Romania, mainly by younger generations. You will feel at home with English.

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