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Address: 124 Lacul Tei Boulevard, Bucharest 020396
Contact: Tel.:+40-21-242.12.08. , Fax:+40-21-242.07.81,  +40-21-242.11.61.
History of the University
In 1818 the School for Land Surveyors was born. It was the first institution in Romania, to provide higher education in civil engineering. In 1864 it became The School of Bridges and Roads, Mines and Architecture.It then become The School of Bridges, Roads and Mines in 1867 and The National School of Bridges and Roads in 1888. In 1921 the name changed into the Polytechnic School  of Bucharest, where civil engineers were trained. This lead to naming it The Faculty Of Civil Engineering in 1938.
After the Education Reform in 1948, The Faculty of Civil Engineering and The Polytechnic School became two separate entities. The present name, Technical University of Civil Engineering  Bucharest was adopted in 1994. This university is the only one in Romania that is entirely dedicated to engineering education in civil engineering and related fields.
Faculties at the University
- Faculty of Civil, Industrial and Agricultural Buildings
- Faculty of Hydrotechnics
- Faculty of Building Services
- Faculty of Railways, Roads and Bridges
- Faculty of Technological Equipment
- Faculty of Geodesy
- The Department of Engineering in Foreign Languages

The Department of Engineering in Foreign Languages is a a distinct institution of the University. It offers engineering courses  in the field of  Civil Engineering , with tuition in English and French and in the field of Building Services, with tuition oly in French.
All the faculties offer long term academic learning(a period of 4 years).
Buildings of the University.
The main campus of the University is located in the section of the town named Tei district. Four out of six faculties and the Department of  Engineering in Foreign Languages and Comunication are located here, as well as the Rectorate, the administrative units and the Civil Engineering Students’ Society. The Faculty of Buildings Services is located on Bulevardul Pache Protopopescu 66. A third site of the University, close to the center of the city is Calea Plevnei 59, comprising several buildings of the Faculty of Technological Equipment.
The structure of the academic year at T.U.C.E.B.
- Semester l
1st October- 21st/22nd December: teaching weeks
22nd/23rd December- 6/7th January : Christmas Holiday
After the Christmas Holiday there are 2 further teaching weeks before the beginning of the exam session (4 week).
After the exam session there is a one week break.
- Semester ll
About 1st March - 31st May
Easter Holiday (orthodox) - one week
Exam session - 4 weeks in June
Summer Holiday - July-September




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