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The AGORA University of Oradea is a private high education and research institution, developed inside the AGORA Foundation, according with the Education Law no. 84 from 1995 and with the Law regarding the accreditation of high education institutions and diplomas'' recognition no. 88/1993.

The University organizes, according with the Law no. 88/1993, studies for the specializations approved by the Council of Administration of the AGORA Foundation, authorized by the National Council of Evaluation and Academic Accreditation.

AGORA University is a young, modern academic institution whose high standards of teaching and research had already created a name in the education sector. Strongly research oriented, it is known as an innovative and progressive institution which has made quality the core policy concern in all areas of the academic and cultural life of a multidisciplinary university with a well established international profile. AGORA University is committed to prepare students for the challenges of a rapidly changing workplace.
As a major public University it has a radical commitment to the implementation of new forms of teaching, training and research which reflects its primary objective of serving the society in which it is embedded. It is in the context and in the framework of university autonomy that AGORA offers a diverse of study programs in response and adapted to the challenges of globalization and accelerated social and economic change. Through interactive learning and new information technologies, our graduates are poised to enter the work force with the skills needed to succeed in todayas global marketplace.

Our mission is to offer:
a High-quality education of practical relevance to the present and future needs of our changing society
a Specialist short courses to meet the particular needs of industry and regional companies and special services to facilitate the technology transfer from research environment into industrial practice
a International liaison to schools and individuals in countries all over the world and to facilitate international exchange and cooperation.

Faculty of Law and Economics

1. Law - daily (4 years, 240 credits)

The mission of the Law Faculty must be perceived within the context of most important changes in the majority of fields concerning the economic, social and juridical aspects of today''s life in our country. The high dynamic in the evolution of social relationships claims and determines modifications unseen before, within the juridical system, the high rhythm in which new normative acts appear and the modifying of the existent ones implying the increased importance of the counselors in society.

The main objective of the faculty is to achieve the upbringing of specialists in the field of justice corresponding to the demands of the state of law.

In order to achieve this goal, we take steps in several directions simultaneously:

properly selecting the academic staff;
searching for the most valuable graduates of law faculties around the country, supporting their choice of an academic career, thus insuring the high level of our academic staff;
adjusting our curriculum to national and international standards;
elaborating, providing and multiplication the didactic materials necessary to our students;
perfecting the professional training of our young academic staff by means of after-graduate studies and other specific means of specialization;
developing and updating our material basis;
properly selecting and orienting our students and our graduates.
2. Management - daily (3 years, 180 credits)

3. Accountability - daily (3 years, 180 credits)

4. Business Informaticsa daily (3 years, 180 credits)

The mission of the Business Administration specialization as passed over by the mission of the AGORA University stands in contributing, by means of an alternative education process, to develop the standard of higher education in Western Romania, providing many learning possibilities to the benefit of our students.
Proposed objectives:

upbringing specialists with high economic training in order to cover the demand of a market section represented by commercial companies in Western Romania, that need highly trained economic agents able to competently resolve activities in specific fields;

updating and perfecting the employees'' professional training by continuous training activities;
assuring an adequate content to academic education at the level of the higher European standards;
developing and updating the university material basis in itself, paying a special attention to computerizing academic scientific research and administrative information.

Departments and Contact
Marketing Department -contact person: Laura Popoviciu a
Public Relations Department a contact person: Letitia Mester a
International Relations Department a contact person: Delia Ciurba a

The Headquarter is located at the following address:
Parcul 1 Decembrie, no. 1, Oradea, 410068, Bihor, Romania.


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