Actuarial Sciences

Degree: Bachelor
University: Yasar University , Faculty: Faculty of Science and Letters
City: Izmir , Country: Turkey
Discipline: Natural Sciences
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  • Start Date of Studies September
  • Language English
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  • Programme Description

    Programme Description

    Actuarial sciences deal with the financial effects of unpredictable events which influence the individuals lives (birth, death, illness, accidents, disability, retirement, etc.) and the effects which influence individuals property holdings (fire, earthquake, theft, fraud, etc.). Actuaries are educated to analyze the risk of occurrence, to estimate the probabilities and to form the security programs those relieve the financial effects of these events.
    Actuarial science is one of the most popular brand-new business and educational disciplines, both in Turkey and in the global market. Yasar Universitys Actuarial Sciences undergraduate program is amongst the primal and the leading programs in Turkey.
    The vision of Yasar Universitys Actuarial Sciences Department is to educate modern and creative individuals by giving basic information mainly about actuarial sciences. Our mission is to educate modern and creative individuals by giving basic information about not only actuarial sciences, statistics, mathematics, insurance, computer sciences and finance but also sociology, psychology and philosophy.
    Some of the lectures and general topics for the research studies carried out in our department can be summarized as; Actuarial Risk Analysis, Life Insurance, Nonlife Insurance, Pension Planning and Pension Mathematics, The Theory of Interest, Fuzzy Insurance, Unemployment Insurance, Survival Analysis, Operation Researches, Time Series Analysis, Simulation, Stochastic Processes, Ruin Theory, Actuarial Computing and Evaluation.
    Students of our department are skilled in designing, developing and pricing insurance products, pension planning, actuarial valuation and projection of funds, financial analysis and management of the risk by using basic knowledge about actuarial mathematics, insurance, statistics, mathematics, computer sciences, finance and simulation techniques.
    The graduates of Actuarial Sciences have a wide scope of job opportunities in various public and private institutions such as insurance companies, social security institutions, banks and investment firms. Besides, students may also have training in these business fields.


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