Applied and Computational Mathematics

Degree: Bachelor
University: Jacobs University Bremen , Faculty: School of Engineering and Science
City: Bremen , Country: Germany
Discipline: Engeneering & Technology
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  • Start Date of Studies September
  • Admission deadline Round I: December 1; Round II: February 15; Round III: June 15
  • Language English
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  • Programme Description

    Programme Description

    Applied and Computational Mathematics (ACM) aims at modeling complex, real-world phenomena in a precise and quantitative way, analyzing and simplifying these models, and proposing and implementing sophisticated mathematical algorithms on high performance digital computers. The art of simulating reality in a virtual laboratory has emerged as a third major pillar beside the theoretical and experimental sciences and increasingly leaves its traditional roots in physics and engineering. Accordingly, ACM at Jacobs offers alongside a solid classical training the opportunity for specialization in Computational Biology, Computational Mathematics, and Mathematical Finance.


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