Applied Linguistics with Translation

Degree: Bachelor
University: College of Foreign Languages , Faculty: English Studies
City: Czestochowa , Country: Poland
Discipline: Applied Sciences, Proffesions&Arts
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  • Start Date of Studies October
  • Admission deadline July 31
  • Language English
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  • Programme Description

    Programme Description

    Graduates of Applied Linguistics of English with Translation:

    are proficient in English. They posses knowledge necessary to work as a translator of specialized texts and to provide linguistic assistance for institutions, companies and travel agencies. Having been trained in a modern laboratory for interpreters, graduates obtain proficient skills for conference interpreting. Moreover, the graduates have knowledge of computer assisted translation software.

    Besides all specialized professional qualifications, the graduates possess extensive knowledge of language, literature and culture of the chosen language and the abilities of using them in professional work environment and in their everyday lives complying with the ethical principles. They have interdisciplinary competence allowing for the usage of linguistic knowledge in various areas of science and social life. They are skilled at solving professional problems, gathering, processing and conveying information (in a written or spoken form) and are able to participate in team work. Acquired abilities enable them to be employed in publishing houses, editorial offices, mass-media, tourist industry and in all working environments where professional language and knowledge of the culture are essential.


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