Bachelor of Arts (Business Psychology)

Degree: Bachelor
University: Massey University City: Palmerston North , Country: New Zealand
Discipline: Social Sciences
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  • Tuition fee NZ $22,400 a year
  • Admission deadline 01/05/2010
  • Programme Alternatives full-time
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  • Programme Description This programme offers students the applied skills in human resource and organisational management, based on a sound understanding of human behaviour provided by psychology. The modules include 175.101 Psychology as a Social Science, 175.102 Psychology as a Natural Science, 114.241 Managing Human Resources, 152.200 Contemporary Management, 175.201 Social Psychology, 175.203 Introduction to Psychological Research, 175.205 Brain and Behaviour, 175.206 Memory and Cognition, 175.210 Ng? Tirohanga Rua o te Taha Hinengaro: Bicultural Perspectives in Psychology, 114.326 Human Resource Practices, 114.330 Equity and Diversity in the Workplace, 114.350 Current Issues in Human Resource Management, 114.396 Strategic Human Resource Management, 152.300 Strategy and Governance, 152.303 Change Management, 152.304 Managing Services, 175.301 Community Psychology, 175.302 Abnormal and Therapeutic Psychology, 175.303 The Practice of Psychological Research, 175.305 Psychology of Adult Development and Ageing, 175.306 Assessment of Individual Differences, 175.309 Forensic Psychology, 175.310 Psychological Aspects of Animal Behaviour, 175.311 Psychology of Women, 175.316 Evolution, Culture and Mind, 175.317 Health Psychology, 175.318 Experimental Psychology, 175.343 Personnel Psychology and Career Development, 175.345 Organisational Psychology.

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