Bachelor of Arts (Geography)

Degree: Bachelor
University: Massey University City: Palmerston North , Country: New Zealand
Discipline: Social Sciences
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  • Tuition fee NZ $22,400 a year
  • Admission deadline 01/05/2010
  • Programme Alternatives full-time
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  • Programme Description The study of geography is based on the premise that all activities, both social and natural, are embedded in specific places and interconnected to other places. Also it involves understanding the local, regional and global processes shaping the changing relationships between people and the earth. The modules include 145.111 Society, Environment and Place, 145.121 Introduction to Physical Geography, 145.201 Geographical Research Techniques, 145.208 Special Topic I, 145.209 Special Topic II, 145.213 Resource Conservation and Sustainability, 145.214 Social Change and Environment, 145.216 Urban Environments, 145.218 Development and Inequality, 145.222 Rivers and Slopes, 145.223 Climate Change and Natural Hazards, 145.224 Biogeography, 145.225 Glaciers and Glaciation, 145.301 Research Practice in Human Geography, 145.303 Field Work: Alpine Physical Geography, 145.304 Applied Field Geomorphology, 145.308 Special Topic III, 145.309 Special Topic IV, 145.311 Geographies of Globalisation, 145.318 Geopolitics, 145.320 Quaternary Biogeography and Environmental Change, 145.327 River Dynamics, 145.330 Coastal Dynamics, 121.211 New Zealand Environmental Issues, 131.221 Contemporary Development Issues, 132.206 Spatial Analysis Using GIS, 132.207 Principles of Geographic Information Systems, 132.221 Planning Studies, 146.214 The Politics of Culture, 150.201 Te Kawenata o Waitangi: The Treaty of Waitangi in New Zealand Society, 121.311 Global Environmental Issues, 131.321 Strategies for Sustainable Development, 132.305 Natural Resource Policy and Planning, 132.322 GIS Practicum, 146.307 The Cultural Construction of Gender and Sexuality, 146.315 Social Suffering and Social Structure, 146.318 Environmental Anthropology.

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