Bachelor of Arts in International Relations

Degree: Bachelor
University: International University in Geneva , Faculty: Undergraduate Programs
City: Geneva , Country: Switzerland
Discipline: Social Sciences
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  • Start Date of Studies January, April, September
  • Admission deadline SPRING 2010 19th of February; FALL 2010 1st of July; WINTER 2011 8th of November 2010.
  • Language English
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  • Programme Description

    Programme Description

    The BA IR core curriculum focuses on issues such as globalization, international organizations, state and non-state actors, geopolitics, security, peace and conflict resolution, regionalism, decision making, sustainable development and environmental diplomacy. The BA IR program includes visits to major international organizations in Geneva, attendance at international conferences and internships in international organizations.

    The BA IR graduates engage in decision-making careers in diplomatic services, international organizations and corporate business.


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