Bachelor of Arts in Psychology

Degree: Bachelor
University: University of Canterbury City: CHRISTCHURCH , Country: New Zealand
Discipline: Social Sciences
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  • Tuition fee NZ $22,500 a year
  • Programme Alternatives full-time
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  • Programme Description This degree allows students to study a wide range of subjects, while specialising in two areas (major and minor, or a double major). Arts graduates are employed in many fields including tourism, the news media, government agencies, museums, libraries, banking, publishing and teaching. Psychology is the scientific study of behaviour and associated biological, cognitive and social processes in humans and other animals. It is a rapidly developing field touching on all aspects of human life. Major advances are being made in understanding and treating psychopathologies such as anxiety, depression, eating disorders and addictions. The program aims to encourage students to: think independently and critically about psychological issues; become acquainted with the key methods, important findings and major theories of psychology; learn how to distinguish genuine findings from implausible and suspect claims and understand modern scientific research in psychology. Psychologists have a unique mix of skills. As well as a basic knowledge about people, as individuals and in groups, they are required to have excellent writing and communication skills, the ability to analyse and understand quantitative data and a critical and objective way of approaching problems. Modules include 100-level: Introductory Psychology - Brain, Behaviour and Cognition; PSYC106 Introductory Psychology - Social, Personality and Developmental. 200-level: PSYC206 Research Design and Statistics; PSYC207 Developmental Psychology; PSYC208 Cognition; PSYC209 Sensation and Perception and PSYC211 Personality. 300-level: PSYC332 Social Psychology; PSYC333 Biological Psychology; PSYC334 Learning and Behaviour Analysis; PSYC335 Abnormal Psychology; PSYC336 Industrial and Organisational Psychology; PSYC338 Family Psychology; PSYC339 Health Psychology and Behaviour Change; PSYC340 Cognitive Psychology; PSYC341 Special Topic: Environmental Psychology; PSYC344 Research Methods.

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