Bachelor of Business Studies

Degree: Bachelor
University: Vesalius College , Faculty: Vesalius College
City: Brussels , Country: Belgium
Discipline: Business & Economics
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  • Start Date of Studies January, August
  • Admission deadline Application on a rolling basis
  • Language English
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  • Programme Description

    Programme Description

    Home to hundreds of international businesses and the European Union, Brussels is an ideal venue to prepare for graduate school or a career in business. This international environment enables Business students at Vesalius College to gain a truly international perspective and take advantage of opportunities difficult to find anywhere else.

    These include many excellent internship opportunities available through the Vesalius College Internship Programme to support their specific career path and build a CV. In addition, with so many international businesses in the city, students learn from a wide range of experienced guest lecturers including senior corporate managers, entrepreneurs, consultants and other business professionals. And with the international nature of Brussels, students can establish contacts and a network that can help them throughout their career.

    Business students at Vesalius can create a Concentration in one of five fields: Economics, European Studies, International Management, Marketing or Information Technology.

    The academic bachelor programme gives students a combination of theoretical and practical skills including how businesses are organised, managed and function within the larger economic, social, legal and political context. In their last semester students bring together what they have learned either in the analysis of case studies of business behaviour or in the development of a business plan for a small enterprise.

    Graduating students will thus possess a solid grounding in economics and the main features of any business: organisation, accounting, finance, operations and marketing. In addition, they gain essential business skills including working in teams, collecting and analysing quantitative information, writing and speaking effectively and using information technology confidently. All of this they do in English, in Brussels, with a like-minded mix of highly motivated international students.


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