Bachelor of Construction (Quantity Surveying)

Degree: Bachelor
University: Massey University City: Palmerston North , Country: New Zealand
Discipline: Engeneering & Technology
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  • Tuition fee NZ $24,400 a year
  • Programme Alternatives full-time
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  • Programme Description The graduates of this programme will be able to offer project appraisal and cost advice on feasibility and returns on investment to clients at the early stages of the procurement process; conduct cost planning and design cost management at the design stages; produce contract documentation, offer procurement advice and carry out tender planning and adjudication at the tendering stages; carry out budgeting, and full cost management of the project implementation to meet cost targets; and undertake wider roles including arbitration, project management, expert witness, negotiations and dispute resolutions. The modules 115.102 Accounting, 158.100 Computer Applications and the Information Age, 160.131 Mathematics for Business, 217.172 Construction and Design: Residential, 115.103 Legal and Social Environment of Business, 115.105 Fundamentals of Finance, 115.106 Economics, 218.100 Construction Materials and Engineering Fundamentals, 127.241 Real Estate Valuation and Management, 152.252 Project Management, 217.122 Materials Technology I, 217.271 Construction and Design: Commercial, 125.230 Business Finance, 217.274 Building Services, 218.211 Estimating, 218.213 Measuring Systems, 114.254 Employment Relations, 218.414 Construction Technology and Operations, 127.341 Property Management and Development, 218.311 Feasibility and Cost Planning, 218.315 Professional Practice, Advocacy and Ethics, 218.421 Construction Project, 217.374 Construction and Design: Multi Storey, 152.386 Risk Management, 153.200 Introduction to Dispute Resolution, 155.201 Law of Property, 178.242 Land Economics.

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