Bachelor of Fine Arts in Visual Communication (BFA) with a Concentration in Photography

Degree: Bachelor
University: American InterContinental University , Faculty: Visual Communication
City: London , Country: United Kingdom
Discipline: Humanities and Art
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  • Start Date of Studies January, March, July, October
  • Language English
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  • Programme Description

    Programme Description

    The life of a photographer can be as varied as the subjects they capture. But all successful professional photographers share certain traits: they must posses both a keen eye and technical expertise. According to the U.S. Department of Labor, the most successful photographers are those with business savvy, creativity, and an ability to take advantage of emerging technologies. Real-world experience and a relevant Bachelor's degree are two key qualifications for those beginning a career in the field.

    AIU offers a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Visual Communication with a concentration in Photography that can help prepare students to become creative and technically proficient professional photographers. This degree program integrates theory, practice, and team-oriented learning to help students develop the skills and knowledge they need to succeed in the field.

    The Visual Communication degree program at AIU is designed to educate and develop artistic and imaginative students for careers in the fields of commercial art and design. The program emphasizes the development of the thinking process and the ability to solve design problems creatively. Students can learn the principles, practical applications, technologies, and methodologies used in solving complex design problems in a creative and unique manner.

    Career Opportunities

    The BFA in Visual Communication with a concentration in Photography can help prepare students interested in developing and advancing a career as a/an:

    * Art Director
    * Photographer

    * Additional experience may be required for some positions.

    The BFA in Visual Communication with a concentration in Photography features industry-relevant coursework taught by faculty members with real-world experience in the field. Students are given the opportunity to study-and practice-the various uses of photography as a narrative tool and with different subjects, including fashion, advertising, architecture and journalism, as well as photography as a fine art expression.

    Upon completion of the program, the student should be able to:

    * Demonstrate broad knowledge of their chosen specialty area and its relevance within the wider context of Visual Communication, in a business environment.
    * Understand the cultural, aesthetic, historical and theoretical issues relevant to the studied specializations and to the students´ desired areas of work or postgraduate study.
    * Demonstrate knowledge of the wide range of organizations that use the services of artists and designers, towards their business objectives.
    * Employ their knowledge of a range of experimental and speculative strategies with which to test and develop ideas and push beyond the usual towards original innovative design solutions.
    * Demonstrate knowledge of the range of contemporary media and appropriate technical skills from which to select towards design solutions.
    * Demonstrate ownership of and responsibility for a self-directed professionally executed portfolio of work.


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