• Tuition fee NZ $22,400 a year
  • Admission deadline 01/05/2010
  • Programme Alternatives full-time
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  • Programme Description This programme enables students to do that with a mixture of theoretical and practical study that also provides an opportunity for students to emphasise either experimental physics or theoretical physics. The modules include 124.100 Foundations of Physics, 124.101 Physics I (a), 124.102 Physics I (b), 124.111 Physics for Life Sciences, 124.129 Astronomy, 124.226 Quantum and Statistical Physics, 124.229 Special Relativity and Cosmology, 124.230 Biophysics, 124.233 Classical Mechanics, Chaos and Fluids, 124.241 Analogue Electronics, 124.242 Digital Electronics, 124.316 Advanced Experimental Physics, 124.325 Advanced Quantum Physics, 124.327 Modern Statistical Physics and Thermodynamics, 124.328 Applied Electromagnetism, 124.344 Signals and Information, 124.345 Microelectronic Circuits.

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