BSc in Chemistry

Degree: Bachelor
University: University of Auckland City: Auckland , Country: New Zealand
Discipline: Natural Sciences
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  • Tuition fee NZ $24,600 a year
  • Start Date of Studies 19/07/2010
  • Admission deadline 04/07/2010
  • Programme Alternatives full-time
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  • Programme Description This programme incorporates the major disciplines of a traditional approach to chemistry, namely physical, analytical, organic and inorganic. The modules are CHEM 110 Chemistry of the Living World; CHEM 120 Chemistry of the Material World; CHEM 210 Physical and Materials Chemistry; CHEM 220 Inorganic Compounds Structure, Bonding and Reactivity; CHEM 230 Molecules for Life: Synthesis and Reactivity; CHEM 240 Measurement and Analysis in Chemistry and Health Sciences; CHEM 310 Structural Chemistry and Spectroscopy; CHEM 320 Design and Reactivity of Inorganic Compounds; CHEM 330 Contemporary Organic Chemistry; CHEM 340 Advanced Analytical Chemistry; CHEM 350 Topics in Chemistry: Modular Course; CHEM 380 Materials Chemistry; CHEM 390 Medicinal Chemistry.

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