BSc Specialization in Medicinal Chemistry

Degree: Bachelor
University: University of Auckland City: Auckland , Country: New Zealand
Discipline: Natural Sciences
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  • Tuition fee NZ $24,600 a year
  • Start Date of Studies 19/07/2010
  • Admission deadline 04/07/2010
  • Programme Alternatives full-time
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  • Programme Description The primary objective of the programme is the design and discovery of new compounds that are suitable for use as new drugs. It is a multidisciplinary subject that relies on knowledge from a wide variety of fields including organic chemistry, biochemistry, pharmacology, physiology, and computing. Students completing this specialization will be trained in synthesis, reactivity and analysis of organic compounds as well as possessing valuable insight into the pharmacological, regulatory, and ethical aspects of bioactive molecules. Graduates can expect to be highly employable in a wide range of institutions such as hospitals, biomedical and pharmaceutical companies, private research institutions, local and national government authorities and agencies, and Crown Research Institutes. The modules are CHEM 110 Chemistry of the Living World; CHEM 120 Chemistry of the Material World; BIOSCI 101 Essential Biology: From Genomes to Organisms; BIOSCI 106 Foundations of Biochemistry; BIOSCI 107 Biology for Biomedical Science: Cellular Processes and Development; MEDSCI 142 Biology for Biomedical Science Organ Systems; CHEM 230 Molecules for Life: Synthesis and Reactivity; CHEM 240 Measurement and Analysis in Chemistry and Health Sciences; BIOSCI 201 Cellular and Molecular Biology; BIOSCI 203 Biochemistry; MEDSCI 204 Introduction to Pharmacology and Toxicology; MEDSCI 205 The Physiology of Human Organ Systems; CHEM 330 Contemporary Organic Chemistry; CHEM 390 Medicinal Chemistry; MEDSCI 303 Principles of Pharmacology; BIOSCI 349 Biomedical Microbiology; BIOSCI 350 Protein Structure and Function; BIOSCI 351 Molecular Genetics; BIOSCI 353 Molecular and Cellular Regulation; BIOSCI 354 Gene Expression and Gene Transfer; BIOSCI 356 Developmental Biology and Cancer.

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