• Max Duration 12
  • Tuition fee 10,100 a year
  • Start Date of Studies Sept 2012
  • Currency Euro
  • Educational Form taught
  • Language English
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  • Programme Description

    A business for multi-faceted people

    Today's professionals must be more than well trained, integrative and interdisciplinary: they must also have the skills for dealing with economic, social and environmental developments in an international setting. Yes, that's a lot of core competencies for one programme!

    As a future specialist in Food and Agribusiness Management, you will discover just how Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) should dovetail with an organisation's Sustainable Development programme. You will learn how to deal with the tensions and trade-offs facing firms that adopt CSR while working in a very competitive market. You will lay the groundwork for implementing CSR programmes. You will also guide culture-change processes: in companies used to thinking solely in terms of shareholder value, they are vital to achieving a successful CSR strategy.

    Main topics or projects:

    - International strategic management and HRM;
    - Business plan and international financial management;
    - Total Quality Management (involving a project in international sustainability management);
    - Supply Chain Management (also involving a project in international sustainability management)

    All this is the future of business - and it is your future. That is why the skills generated in this programme concern much more than food production, management and marketing. As well as food safety, they will also take you to the heart of quality and sustainability. As a graduate, you will therefore know:

    - how to make quality systems central to integrated chain management;
    - how to develop new products and business strategies through expert analysis of consumer behaviour;
    - how to develop an international export strategy;
    - how to design organisations and management systems that are truly market and consumer-oriented.


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