• Max Duration 12
  • Tuition fee 10.000E a year
  • Start Date of Studies September 2012
  • Currency euro
  • Educational Form taught
  • Language English
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  • Programme Description

    Certificate Programme of Sustainable Water Technology

    Programme name: Environment

    Specialisation: Sustainable Water Technology


    Water technology: preventing disease and protecting nature

    Healthy water is vital to people, animals and plants. In this certificate programme you will look at the miracle called water from an environmental and technical point of view.

    You will gain knowledge of the (separation) techniques in (drinking) water technology and how to purify wastewater.

    Because practical experience is of major importance, a traineeship and thesis are imbedded in the programme. Besides that, well known companies like Stork, DSM, Akzo Nobel, TNO and Wageningen UR are involved in the programme. Together with the knowledge and network of teachers and our lecturers in Water Technology and Drinking Water, you already start building a network during your study.

    If you want an international career in sustainable water technology, a study at Van Hall Larenstein University of Applied Sciences is a recommendation!


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