Chemical & Biological Engineering

Degree: Bachelor
University: Ko University , Faculty: College of Engineering (CE)
City: Istanbul , Country: Turkey
Discipline: Engeneering & Technology
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  • Start Date of Studies Unknown
  • Language English
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  • Programme Description

    Programme Description

    Chemical & Biological Engineering is a discipline that integrates chemistry and biology at the molecular level and uses this broad foundation along with engineering fundamentals to study the synthesis of new processes and products. Chemical and biological engineers transform basic resources into useful products (e.g. pharmaceuticals, plastics) exploiting certain chemical and biological processes.

    The Chemical and Biological Engineering" program aims to integrate molecular biology and chemistry at a fundamental level in the educational program. This paradigm shift is implemented within the curriculum by including a set of life sciences and biotechnology courses (e.g. biochemistry, molecular biology and genetics, bioinformatics, biomaterials). Also applications from biological and biochemical systems are studied throughout the core chemical engineering courses such as , transport processes, kinetics and reactor design, modeling and simulation, control, process and product design.


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