Economics and Politics

Degree: Bachelor
University: ISM University of Management and Economics , Faculty: Undergraduate Studies
City: Vilnius , Country: Lithuania
Discipline: Business & Economics
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  • Start Date of Studies September
  • Admission deadline 5th May, 12th Jly
  • Language English
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  • Programme Description

    Programme Description

    Why is it worth studying Economics and Politics? * Studying economics and politics together is beneficial: the economy and creation of a climate conducive to business are closely related to politics, and most political decisions are based on an economic analysis and economic arguments.
    * This is an integrated program, which gives students a strong understanding of economic processes as well as encouraging them to think deeply about society and politics.
    * The International Studies environment will enable you to find out about and to learn to analyse the intricacies of global politics and economics, and to acquire the most essential skills and work competencies in today´s global community.

    What prospects await the graduates? * This course of studies is a good investment for the future, enabling students go on to further studies in the fields of economics, political science, public administration or management at the Master´s degree level.
    * Experience in other countries has shown that on completing similar study programs, students successfully undertake employment as economic analysts, in the banking sector, in public relations, as journalists, or in governmental or European Union institutions.
    * A number of world famous politicians and business people have completed the program of Economics and Politics studies, including the current British Conservative Party leader David Cameron; the General Manager of the well known USA business consultancy firm McKinsey & Co. Ian Davis; European Commission commissioner Peter Mandelson; American media magnate, News Corporation owner and Chairman of the Board Rupert Murdoch; and many others.

    About the program - its creators and lecturersProf. Andrius Bielskis, ISM University of Management and EconomicsProf. A. Bielskis studied in the United Kingdom in the universities of York (Master´s degree) and Warwick (doctoral studies). He was a lecturer at Warwick, London Metropolitan and Aston universities. He has published more than 15 academic articles and the monograph Towards a Post-modern Understanding of the Political (Palgrave Macmillan publishers, 2005).The program of Economics and Politics studies will impart to the students a sound knowledge of economics and will enable them to better understand Lithuanian, European and world politics. This interdisciplinary program teaches students analytical thinking as well as in-depth knowledge of economics and politics. Graduates of the program will be able to successfully undertake employment as economic analysts, in the finance and public relations fields, as investigative journalists, or in national, the European Union or other international institutions and organisations. Prof. Sven E. O. Hort, Södertörn University, SwedenProf. Sven Olsson Hort is the author of many academic articles and the monograph, published in English, Social Policy and Welfare State in Sweden (the third edition will appear in 2008). Prof. Hort has spent time and collaborated at several universities around the world, including the Stockholm University, UCLA (Berkeley), Georgetown and Princeton. The new ISM undergraduate programme in Economics and Politics is a brilliant opportunity for young people to get the necessary skills to grasp the present global challenges and excavate the future. It will provide the students with sound knowledge and competence.


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