Electrical / Electronic Engineering (DT021)

Degree: Bachelor
University: Dublin Institute of Technology , Faculty: Faculty of Engineering (Undergraduate Admissions)
City: Dublin , Country: Ireland
Discipline: Natural Sciences
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  • Start Date of Studies September
  • Admission deadline If applying through www.cao.ie - 1st February
  • Language English
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  • Programme Description

    Programme Description

    This programme educates students to an honours level in electrical and electronic engineering and meets the educational standard required for chartered engineering membership of Engineers Ireland. The first two years of the programme are common core, with all students studying the same topics. Students study mathematics, physics, engineering design and business/management modules. Laboratory practicals and projects enable the student to apply his/her theoretical skills in a hands on and practical manner.

    Students select one major option from each of the following lists in third year:

    A Major Options:

    * Electrical Power Engineering: analysis and design of modern power systems and associated plant.
    * Control Engineering: design and application of control and automated systems, including robotics.
    * Electrical Services Engineering: design and installation of electrical systems in modern buildings.

    B Major Options:

    * Communications Engineering: advanced communications, including satellite and mobile systems of the future.
    * Computer Engineering: the programming and development of state-of-the-art computer systems.

    For example, a student might select Electrical Power Engineering from the A Major Options and Communications Engineering from the B Major Options.

    Students undertake work placement from March to August during the third year of the programme. In the final year, students undertake a major engineering project in Semester 2.

    The programme has been accredited by Engineers Ireland as satisfying the academic requirements for corporate membership.

    Points for weighted subjects

    Mathematics, from 1992: A1-150, A2-135, B1-128, B2-120, B3-113, C1-105, C2-98, C3-90. Pre-1992: HA-143, HB-120, HC-98. Physics, Chemistry, Physics and Chemistry, Applied Mathematics, Engineering, from 1992: A1-120, A2-108, B1-102, B2-96, B3-90, C1-84, C2-78, C3-72. Pre-1992: HA-114, HB-96, HC-78.


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