Engineering, Environmental & Biotechnology

Degree: Bachelor
University: MCI Management Center Innsbruck , Faculty: Management Center Innsbruck
City: Innsbruck , Country: Austria
Discipline: Engeneering & Technology
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  • Start Date of Studies October
  • Admission deadline April 2, June 4, July 9
  • Programme Alternatives full-time
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  • Programme Description

    Programme Description

    Students have to choos between two specializations. The career prospects are very much determined by the field of specialization chosen by the student.

    Bioengineers deal with (micro-)biological technologies, methods and processes. They are active in the development of cell culture technology, the operation of bioreactors, or the field of environmental technology. They are responsible for adapting processes developed in the laboratory to a commercial scale, ensure smooth production processes, design and supervise bio-process engineering facilities or, in the field of environmental technology, develop biological processes for the disposal of solid, liquid and gaseous materials.

    In view of the increasing pollution of our environment by waste and hazardous substances in soil, water and air and a soaring costburden, technical environmental protection is gaining ever more importance. Therefore, environmental technologies have been developing into a key technology for our future with enormous economic growth opportunities. Modern environmental technologies combine know-how from the fields of science and engineering, focussing on the identification and reduction of hazardous substances as well as the decontamination of existing waste deposits.


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