Degree: Bachelor
University: Van Hall Larenstein University of Applied Sciences - Leeuwarden Campus , Faculty: Rural- and Environmental Management
City: Leeuwarden , Country: Netherlands
Discipline: Engeneering & Technology
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  • Start Date of Studies September
  • Admission deadline EU: August 15; Non EU: May 15; Application with scholarship February 1
  • Language English
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  • Programme Description

    Programme Description

    The environment is always in the news. New sources of energy, climate accords, companies that switch to sustainable practices, technological developments that enhance sustainability. To restore the balance between the Earth and human prosperity, we´ll have to tackle climate change, deal with flooding, and prevent natural disasters.

    This Bachelor´s programme will equip you to help redress the balance not just by deepening your knowledge of biology, chemistry and geography, but also by getting to grips with sustainability, habitats, energy, research, wildlife, health, water and current affairs. You´ll also become more people-centred. According to specialisation, you´ll focus on environmental quality, river sediments, sustainable energy, environmental engineering - and always on their interconnections.

    Your studies and your career will be varied and absorbing. You´ll work inside and out, doing tests and research. Being innovative. And your work will always be important - to the future and the planet!

    After graduation, the possibilities will be boundless. For the environment is all around us! You might work for the large environmental organisations, but there are plenty of other opportunities closer to home. You might advise the provincial authorities on environmental engineering or sustainable energy. You might also become an energy expert at Philips, a hydrologist at a research institute, a municipal supervisor, an environmental coordinator at DSM (multinational chemical company), or a consultant with a large national or international consultancy. But wherever you go, on thing is certain: you´ll be taking good care of the future!


    Sustainable Water Technology (2 years Final Phase Bachelor) (this programme is also offered as a 1-year certificate programme, please check our website for more information)

    The programme is competency based: each theoretical subject supports workgroup situations in which students tackle practical problems and explore workable solutions. This means that you will be active from day one, learning to work independently as you collaborate with others.


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