Ethnic Studies

Degree: Bachelor
University: University of California City: Berkeley , Country: U.S.A
Discipline: Social Sciences
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    The Ethnic Studies major provides a core curriculum designed to develop a comparative and multidisciplinary understanding of racialized communities in the modern world, with emphasis in the history and contemporary forms of modern colonization and racial slavery, as well as the multiple responses, unearthed histories, and alternative practices, theories, and imaginaries found in communities of color, their artists, theoreticians, activists, and intellectuals.

    It is different from the other majors offered in the Department of Ethnic Studies in that it is specifically comparative and it aims to provide students the possibility of focusing on one or more issues, problems, intellectual approaches, or themes and explore them in relation to two or more ethno-racial groups nationally or internationally.

    Most central among these issues and themes stand sexuality, gender, migration, policy, education, literature, culture, spirituality, religion, comparative racial formations, and law. They are often connected with different histories of colonization, segregation, slavery, genocide, persecution, internment, and other forms of systematic dehumanization, on the one hand, and with struggles for social justice, liberation, and decolonization on the other.

    The undergraduate program in comparative ethnic studies offers four courses that are required for majors in all of the Department‘s undergraduate programs: Asian American Studies, Chicano/Latino Studies, Native American Studies, and Ethnic Studies itself. For about twenty years or more, it has also had the highest number of majors. The comparative Ethnic Studies program has been invariably celebrated for its contribution to the other programs, to the university as a whole, and to the very development of Ethnic Studies departments and programs nationally.


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