• Max Duration 24
  • Tuition fee 1.720E a year
  • Start Date of Studies September 2012
  • Currency euro
  • Language English
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  • Programme Description

    Programme name: Forestry and Nature Management

    Specialisation: International Timber Trade

    The world of wood

    Wood is a unique material with unique properties. Not only is it much in demand for its usefulness and its beauty, it is the ultimate renewable resource as well. Moreover, it represents an international trade that is enormous, dynamic and complex.

    In fact, the flow of wood products is so great that it represents the world's second largest flow of goods. This involves long and complicated processes of transport, manufacturing, trade and marketing.

    Are you determined to ensure that forests are managed responsibly? Are you fascinated by just-in-time delivery or stock management? Or do you think your talents might lie in the marketing of wood and timber products? If you are looking for a niche in your professional life, you may well find it in the woods!

    This unique course is offered by Van Hall Larenstein University of Applied Sciences in collaboration with the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences in Skinnskatteberg and several international timber-trade companies.

    Van Hall Larenstein also offers part of this curriculum as a short international course, Timber and the Timber Trade. This is a 20-week course (30 ECTS); information is available upon request.




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