• Max Duration 24
  • Tuition fee 1.750E a year
  • Start Date of Studies September 2012
  • Currency euro
  • Language English
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  • Programme Description

    Programme name: Land and Water Management

    Specialisation: International Water Management

    Water management all over the world

    Globally speaking, there is plenty of water available. Yet water is often a problem, for sometimes there is too much of it, and at other times there is too little. An overload on the one hand and drought on the other. And because of global warming the weather is becoming increasingly extreme.

    Good wastewater and irrigation systems turn water into a controllable element. This presents enormous challenges to water managers. The problem solving abilities, communication skills and technical knowledge you acquire during the major International Water Management, will fully equip you to find solutions to these challenges.

    Would you like to make a difference in a subject that really matters to this world? If so, the major International Water Management could be perfect for you.


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