• Max Duration 24
  • Tuition fee 1.750E a year
  • Start Date of Studies September 2012
  • Currency euro
  • Language English
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  • Programme Description

    Programme name: Forestry and Nature Management


    Specialisation: Tropical Forestry


    Sustainable management of tropical forests

    The conservation and responsible use of tropical forests has become a global concern. Management of these biodiversity-rich forests is complex. Not only are the ecology and dynamics complicated, but many stakeholders are involved as well.

    Globally, and particularly in tropical countries, efforts are undertaken to improve the conditions for introducing sustainable forest management. Projects are initiated to improve the living conditions of the poor, who depend on the forest for their subsistence. Further projects aim to improve management of natural forests or to establish forest plantations.

    How can we contribute to solving the many challenges facing tropical forestry? How do we effectively use this increased international attention? How do we ensure that tropical forests remain important to people and nevertheless do not suffer any more damage?

    Addressing these questions, Van Hall Larenstein offers a unique bachelor course in Tropical Forestry. Apart from providing the necessary forestry-technical background, the course places much emphasis on the development of social and communicative skills.


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