Information Technology

Degree: Bachelor
University: Avans University of Professional Education , Faculty: English-language Study Programmes
City: Breda , Country: Netherlands
Discipline: Natural Sciences
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  • Admission deadline 1 June
  • Language English
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  • Programme Description

    Programme Description

    This study covers all the fields of IT knowledge that an international IT specialist needs to be prepared for for the future. As well as rather technical content it also covers many other aspects of IT such as enterprise analyses, business intelligence, internationalisation, etc.

    Starting with a sound basis, we cover the state of the art in IT in later years: Project Management, Software Engineering (V model, RUP, XP, Agile, e-DSDM, SCRUM), Internet (web services, applications for mobile phones), Programming (PHP, the .NET Framework, Object orientation), Database (data warehousing, data vaults, business intelligence), Architecture and many other subjects.

    As well as this rather technical content we also cover many other aspects of IT such as enterprise analyses, Enterprise Resource Management, business intelligence, internationalisation, change management, security etc.

    There are many opportunities to specialise in the later stage of the programme; for example in multimedia, R&D, extended systems, cybercrime, supply chains, logistics algorithms and data structures and many other minors.

    Together with proven, sound content, we offer students an international approach to IT. Of course, most IT techniques at low level are universal and do not differ around the world.

    However the organisation of IT systems and networks varies greatly in different countries and regions. Developments in outsourcing, inshoring, nearshoring, network technology, use of internet, cybercrime, privacy, security etc. show interesting differences when we study different continents or countries.

    You will become an expert on aspects like these during your IT studies at Avans University of Applied Sciences.


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