Public Management & International Law (Final Year)

Degree: Bachelor
University: Saxion University of Applied Sciences , Faculty: School of Governance & Law
City: Deventer , Country: Netherlands
Discipline: Business & Economics
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  • Start Date of Studies September
  • Admission deadline non-EU/EEA 1 July; EU/EEA 15 August
  • Language English
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  • Programme Description

    Programme Description

    This programme has been created either for students that have completed three years of higher education in a discipline related to and including Public Administration and wish to finish their four year bachelor programme with an international specialization or for students that have their bachelor degree in Public Administration and wish to receive an additional (internationally acknowledged) Dutch bachelor degree in Public Administration by completing this international Final year.

    In our globalizing world organizations, being profit or non-profit, have to take various legal and policy issues and contemporary developments concerning e.g. sustainability, social responsibility, fair trade, emerging economies and good governance into account. This puts an extra effort on experts that work in this international environment. This final year programme offers an opportunity for international students (EU and non-EU) to learn to deal with international challenges, experience inter cultural differences and develop new approaches to international cooperation in the business and public domain taking important legal, economical, political and society issues into account. You have the opportunity to become an expert in dealing with problems and issues that evolve in international cooperation and interaction between citizens, companies and authorities.

    As part of the programme you will be working on practical assignments for business and government. Learning by doing is a concept we believe in: a real life assignment not only motivates students but it also enables them to learn in a more effective way. This will enhance your skills in analyzing and solving public problems in the field of Public administration. Assignments may concern issues like: integrity in public contracting, legal advice on international public-private cooperation, international cooperation between local governments, legal advice on international business expansion, cross border law enforcement or current issues concerning the European internal market.

    On successful completion of the Final year students will receive the internationally acknowledged degree in Business Administration (BBA).

    Career prospects

    As a beginning professional you have learned to apply knowledge and skills suitable for a career as manager or policy adviser at regional, national or international (non) governmental organizations. In these positions you will deal with practical and institutional issues of international cooperation. Some jobs descriptions are: political assistant to Member of Parliament, policy adviser on international cooperation in safety issues or economic development or consultant.


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