Three-years Bachelor of Arts Degree in Hotel and Hospitality Management

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  • Max Duration 24
  • Tuition fee 25.900
  • Currency CHF
  • Educational Form taught
  • Language English
  • Scolarships and other features Scholarship
  • Programme Description

    The BA in Hotel and Hospitality Management program provides the students with an academic qualification that is attractive to potential employers, the skills and ability to enter the working world, and a 'tool box' that can be applied to a range of careers in the hospitality industry.

    Graduates may become accomplished managers, capable of working across a range of public and private enterprises including leisure facilities, hotels, theme parks, conferences, exhibitions and even management. The program uses a range of teaching methods to facilitate learning.

    Core knowledge is covered by lectures and tutorials, supported by guided reading and additional materials on The Virtual Campus "Moodle". Particular care is taken to use the most effective teaching and assessment methods for each module.

    It is comprised of three study terms of 20 weeks each plus three periods of 4-6 months paid industry training in Switzerland.

    BHMS give to EU students 1'000 - 2'000 CHF scholarship depending on the course. 


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