Apprenticeship in Agriculture, Environment, Food Processing, Agribusiness, Management

Degree: Master
University: Groupe ESA - cole Suprieure D'Agriculture D'Angers , Faculty: Alternate Program School / Enterprise
City: Angers , Country: France
Discipline: Applied Sciences, Proffesions&Arts
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  • Admission deadline March 1st
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  • Programme Description

    Programme Description

    L´Ecole Supérieure d´Agriculture in Angers, France (ESA) offers this fully- sponsored MSc programme which qualifies graduates to work in a French company in their home country while also acquiring a new language and culture.

    French companies operating internationally require managers from your country trained in their products, technologies, markets and company culture. You aspire to work in an international company based in your country. The EFA programme is designed to meet both these needs.

    The EFA (Etudiants internationaux en Formation par Alternance) programme recruits students at MSc level who are highly motivated by a career in industry, who are hungry for concrete experience of the work world and who are open to learning new languages and cultures.

    This programme is constructed on sandwich courses whereby the students alternate their time between ESA and internships in the sponsoring company. This provides invaluable professional experience of the company while adapting to both the French way of life and the company´s corporate culture. Sandwich course pedagogy is designed to develop several competencies including: Autonomy, Capacity to take the initiative, and Ability to structure their work. It is also designed to teach new skills such as problem articulation and resolution, project management and team-leadership.

    Successful completion of the two-year programme qualifies the student for a "diplôme d´ingénieur", the most prestigious degree in France. The graduate is immediately operational and ready to take on a position of responsibility on site in his/her home country. (Examples of such positions are; the development of an industrial activity, the
    establishment of a commercial agency in their zone, the management of a
    production unit or the setting-up of a local supply chain).

    Job market access: A strength of this programme lies in the percentage of already employed students before graduation, which is bigger than 90%.

    To put it in a nutshell, the EFA programme is an advantage for both the company and the student:

    For the company :

    • Facilitate its international development
    • A customised training programme to fulfil recruitment requirements in
    • countries or zones of interest
    • Inculcate your company culture in future collaborators abroad
    • Hire an operational engineer in his/her home country
    For the student :
    • Earn a prestigious French "ingénieur" diploma ( equivalent of an MSc)
    • Benefit from practical work experience
    • Learn a new language and appropriate a new culture
    • Obtain a position of responsibility as a manager in an international company
    • in your home country


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