Arts, Culture and Media

Degree: Master
University: University of Groningen , Faculty: Faculty of Arts
City: Groningen , Country: Netherlands
Discipline: Humanities and Art
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  • Start Date of Studies February, September
  • Admission deadline 1 May
  • Language English
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  • Programme Description

    Programme Description

    The central focus of the one-year Master´s programme Arts, Media and Culture: Mapping the Arts in Society is scientific research into the functioning of the arts in society with respect to its specific cultural, geographical and demographical characteristics. This study is to be based on an extensive and in-depth knowledge of the most up-to-date international scholarly research in the field.

    The Master´s programme provides you with thorough training in the critical and multi-disciplinary analysis of artistic expression in society. During the one-year study period you will learn how to make a detailed and well-focused analysis of the artistic landscape of a city, province or region, a country or a transnational region. On the basis of such an analysis, you will learn how to write a scientific report that can provide a sound basis for policy advice.

    You will enhance your ability to develop proposals for the evaluation of artistic initiatives, such as theatrical, filmic or biennial events, or for the redefining of an arts organization and the implementation of its new strategy in the societal context. You will increase your understanding of the relationship between the arts and other, mainly economic, social and political value regimes in society. In particular, attention will be paid to macro-sociological evolutions which have influenced the art world, such as increasing intercultural dynamics, digitalization and globalization.

    The Master´s programme in Arts, Culture and Media - Mapping the Arts in Society is highly relevant for those students who wish to pursue a career:

    • as a cultural critic with a specific interest in the institutional and societal context of art production, art distribution and art presentation;
    • as a policymaker;
    • in culture consultancy;
    • in a managerial position in the professional field of the arts.


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