Degree: Master
University: Utrecht University , Faculty: Faculty of Natural Sciences
City: Utrecht , Country: Netherlands
Discipline: Natural Sciences
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  • Max Duration 24
  • Tuition fee € 1672
    € 17350 (non-EEA)
  • Start Date of Studies February, September
  • Admission deadline March 1 (September Start); September 1 ( February Start)
  • Programme Alternatives full-time
  • Educational Form research
  • Language English
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  • Programme Description

    Programme Description

    This MSc programme in Biogeology is an interdisciplinary programme combining Biology and Earth Sciences. It is intended for students with a Bachelor's degree in one of these disciplines and an interest in ecology, evolution or paleoecology.

    The programme focuses on 'system earth' as a whole, studying the fundamental processes that drive natural systems, in particular those processes that have a strong impact on the biosphere and biodiversity. Emphasis is placed on the interaction between communities of living organisms and the changing lithosphere, hydrosphere and atmosphere. Biogeologists use knowledge of processes that have affected the earth in the past (for instance the effects of climate change on the biosphere) to analyse future threats that might endanger our global system.

    Biogeology is expanding rapidly in response to the demand for knowledge about how the global ecosystem will develop in the next 50 to 500 years. Traditionally, geologists deal with time spans of million of years, whereas biologists deal with time spans of days to years. Biogeologists combine both, by studying processes in the past in extreme detail and by looking at contemporary and future processes at intermediate time scales of decades to centuries. The knowledge acquired is essential if governments are to understand and assess future threats and take effective measures.

    Upon completion of the Master´s programme in Biogeology, you are well-qualified to take up positions in industry, government organisations or academic research. Many biogeologists seek a career in fundamental research. Because of the numerous global change issues facing us, governments and companies are investing on a large scale in research on global change. There is also increasing employment for biogeologists in government and the civil service; their knowledge of large-scale and long-term processes provides them with good credentials for the management of large-scale environmental issues. Their knowledge of processes in the past also enables biogeologists to find jobs in the oil and gas industry or at natural history museums.


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