• Curricula

    Admission requirements

    Academic requirements: A completed university level Bachelor’s degree in biological sciences (especially biochemistry or molecular biology) and/or method sciences (computer science, mathematics, statistics) is required for admission.

    Language requirements: Applicants to the Master’s degree programmes taught in English must always prove their knowledge of the English language.

    Application period: The application period starts in the beginning of December and ends in late January for studies starting in September.

    For details, please see the admission pages at http://bioinformatics.utu.fi /

  • Disciplines

    Master’s Degree Programme in Bioinformatics (120 ECTS)
    Major subject 40 ECTS

    Core courses in bioinformatics

    - Introduction to Bioinformatics (4 ECTS)
    - Expression Data Analysis (4 ECTS)
    - Bioinformatics in Functional Genomics (4 ECTS)
    - Systems Biology I (4 ECTS)
    - Phylogenetics (4 ECTS)
    - Structural Bioinformatics (4 ECTS)
    - Biological Data Analysis Project (4 ECTS)
    - Bioinformatics, Programming Course (4 ECTS)
    - Algorithms in Bioinformatics (4 ECTS)
    - Tools for Intelligent Data Analysis (4 ECTS)

    Other recommended courses
    - Advanced Math and CS for Bioinformatics 3 ECTS
    - Biological Database Systems 5 ECTS
    - Text Mining in the Biomedical Domain 3 ECTS
    - Protein Modelling 4 ECTS
    - Bioinformatics Project 1-6 ECTS

    Other studies 40 ECTS
    Language studies (0-7 ECTS)
    - Finnish for Foreigners (5 ECTS)
    - Basic Academic Writing Skills in English (2 ECTS)

    Compulsory minor subject studies (0-15 ECTS)
    - Introduction to Molecular Biology (3 ECTS)
    - Introduction to Biochemistry (3 ECTS)
    - Introduction to Genetics (3 ECTS)
    - Introduction to Statistics (3 ECTS)
    - Introduction to Programming (6 ECTS
    - Introduction to Computer Science (3 ECTS)
    - Math and CS for Bioinformatics (3 ECTS)

    Optional studies (18-40 ECTS)
    Optional studies allow focusing on specific topics in bioinformatics and/or provide support in relevant minor subjects. Optional studies can be any additional courses to support your degree. Bioinformatics courses are highly recommended, but you may also choose to build up knowledge of methodological sciences (IT, maths, etc.) or biological sciences.

    Master thesis 40 ECTS
    The Master’s thesis (pro gradu) consists of a theoretical part based on scientific literature, an experimental or practical part (Master’s project), and participation in the Seminar.


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