Degree: Master
University: University of Tampere , Faculty: Faculty of Medicine
City: Tampere , Country: Finland
Discipline: Natural Sciences
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  • Max Duration 24
  • Tuition fee Free
  • Start Date of Studies August
  • Admission deadline February 1
  • Programme Alternatives full-time
  • Educational Form taught
  • Language English
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  • Programme Description

    Programme Description

    This programme offers interdisciplinary knowledge of bioinformatics. Courses are jointly managed by the University of Tampere and University of Turku , and they take advantage of modern educational technology. Education is given in English, and the students of this international programme learn to work together with associates from different countries and scientific backgrounds. Students will be "bilingual" in terms of combined expertise on information technology and biosciences, and therefore, applicants can be as well from biological as from computational fields.

    Applicable fields of prior studies are biosciences and information technology, or other relevant fields where sufficient knowledge of information technology and/or biosciences is achieved for studying in the Master's Degree Programme in Bioinformatics. The decisions of admission will be based on the relevance of the awarded degrees, the amount and relevance of courses taken, the grades received in the Bachelor's degree, and applicant's preference for home university (see below). Complementing studies may be requireed depending on the extent of student's relevant previous studies.

    If you also apply to the University of Turku, you have to fill in a separate application form and collect separate enclosures. You must also indicate your primary choice.

    Every year 15 students are admitted to the programme in each university (total of 30 students). The Master's programme lasts for two years and leads to the Master of Science degree in bioinformatics.


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