Degree: Master
University: VU University Amsterdam , Faculty: Faculty of Economics and Business Administration
City: Amsterdam , Country: Netherlands
Discipline: Natural Sciences
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  • Max Duration 24
  • Tuition fee € 1620 - Details
    € 12000 (non-EEA)
  • Start Date of Studies September
  • Admission deadline 1 March for non-EU/EEA students; 1 April for EU and EEA students
  • Programme Alternatives full-time
  • Educational Form taught
  • Language English
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  • Programme Description

    Programme Description

    Bioinformatics research is concerned with the information processes in living systems and with producing methods to analyse and integrate biological (genome) data. This gives bioinformatics a pivotal position among research fields such as:

    • pharmaceutics
    • biotechnology
    • gene technology
    • forensic science and chemistry
    • clinical research and industrial applications

    Bioinformatics is a highly multidisciplinary field encompassing a broad range of in-depth knowledge. Bioinformatics practitioners must have a well-developed concept of the art of doing science, a high ability for (mathematical) abstraction, a broadly developed knowledge, an ability to quickly absorb and integrate novel concepts and well-developed engineering and practical skills in the area of computer science.

    Bioinformatics graduates are very much in demand, both in the academic world and industry. If you have a wide interest in biosciences and the ability to solve problems and reason methodically, combined with an enthusiasm for incorporating computer technology in your research, then the Master's programme in Bioinformatics is definitely for you.

    Bioinformatics graduates are very much in demand, both in the academic world and in industry. A recent report by the Netherlands Organization for Scientific Research (NWO) estimated that the Netherlands will need thousands of bioinformatics specialists over the next five years. This is because recent and ongoing breakthroughs in biotechnology and medical and genomic technology have generated vast quantities of genetics data. All this information is of little use unless subjected to biological and/or medical analysis.

    Employment prospects are excellent and appear to be relatively independent of economic conditions. Bioinformatics is a wide-ranging subject and you can put it to use in many ways. As a Master of Science in Bioinformatics, you can move straight into the pharmaceuticals or food industry, or become an expert at a biomedical laboratory. You will be strong in data analysis, for example, a skill you can apply to great effect in sectors outside Life Sciences as well, such as banking.


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